Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

So, I feel like all the posts I wrote this week were kinda random, and not really about anything I was doing. Today, I will change that! Welcome to the exciting world of Kat.

1: The first rehearsal for the dance piece I'm in is tonight.. I'm kinda really nervous. I'm not sure what to expect! 

2: My dad let me order a pizza to his office, so obviously that is a HUGE highlight of my dad. I love pizza. AHASHDKajsldkj.

3: My boyfriend, my roommate and I all made dinner last night.. at 11:30 pm. We made orange chicken, rice, steamed dumplings and red lobster cheddar biscuits. Yeah, the biscuits might be a bit random but oh well, who's really judging? 

4: I discovered that you can buy Soda Stream syrups that are meant to be cocktail mixes.. I'm not really using them as that but the Margarita mix is like carbonated lime juice and is AMAZING. The cosmo one is also pretty good! 

5: I made the decision to suspend my Birch Box account and I'm kind of sad about it. I'll re-sub when I have the money but I'd rather use Ipsy since I think it's a better value. So I'm excited to see what my Graze Box and my Ipsy Bag have this month!

All in all, this week has been pretty tame. Mostly watching TV, and cuddling with my kittens. 

Theres a picture of Zeus since I was very photo-lacking in this post. 


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