Monday, January 27, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!

I don't know about you, but I love Las Vegas. I love the lights, and how it's warm there. I mean, I've only been once and I was barely even 11 at that point, so it's not like I really could experience everything that adults can have fun doing there! 

Well, the whole point of this post is.. I'm going to Vegas this summer! My uncle wants my family to go see a concert out there, so we're going to be going sometime in May! I'm also really hoping I can bring Rachael with me! It's pretty much perfect timing because I become LEGAL on April 29th! :) This post is kind of sort of my dream list of places to go in Vegas!

The Neon Museum

I saw something about this place on TV once and I thought it looked like the coolest photo op ever! (I was also still considering a photography major at this point). It has a bunch of old neon signs from Vegas history! They offer guided tours during the day, and some during the night! I think the night tour would be amazing to go see the place all lit up!

I love mini golf, and I love Kiss! So this attraction sounds like so much fun! I can already tell my family would love this! I feel like its a pretty unique mini golf course, so that would be exciting! 

I'm a huge thrill seeker, so this practically calling my name! I've always wanted to go real skydiving, but it's so expensive and it's kind of hard finding people who also want to go! Indoor Skydiving seems to calm people down in the price range and in the fear range! I hope I can go to this place when I'm in Vegas, or at least go at another location since it's not a popular activity in Ohio!

Doesn't that look gorgeous? I've always loved zoo's and aquariums so I feel like this would be a place I would not want to miss out on! 

I've actually been here before, and was too scared to ride anything but the water ride! So I'd really like to go back and have some fun! I LOVE theme parks and amusement parks ( I did work at one for three years! ) so this is totally happening! In addition to this, I also want to go ride the stuff on top of the Stratosphere, and if that rollercoaster at the New York hotel is still there.

I really haven't decided what places I'd want to go out to for the birthday activities! I need to google what the unique cocktails to Vegas are, and some cool dining activities! I'm sure I'll also try and do a spa day and plenty of poolside days as well! Please leave any suggestions for fun activities, nightlife, or dining in Vegas for me!

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