Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kat Reviews Stuff: ChapStick

Okay, you're probably wondering why in the world would I review something like ChapStick? The cheap little tube that you can buy for a dollar when you're checking out at a store, and that you probably have lying around somewhere. That's why! ChapStick is very affordable for all budgets and it's a great product! 

My love for ChapStick, which I'm sure many of you can relate to, is that my dad always had a tube with him, and I loved using it! My roommate, actually had the same experience! My dad usually used the classic, boring flavor, but I was SO excited when he bought me my own tube of Cherry! Now, I'm kind of shocked to look at the display at the store and see so many different flavors and options! I've recently picked up a tube of Gingerbread and Candycane which are seasonal flavors, along with Grape, Green Apple and Fruit Punch! 

I typically always carry multiple ChapSticks on me. I also have different brands, like Carmex, Blistex, and Lip Smackers but I always find my self trying to grab the ChapStick brand instead when I dive into my deep abyss of my purse. ChapStick really keeps your lips moist (I know, I know, gross word) and keeps them from chapping, which we all know we need in this cold weather. 

ChapStick is also great because it isn't super waxy like some other brands (Ahem, looking at you Raspberry Lemonade Blistex!), it just glides right on your lips. They also have a very nice smell to them, and they leave a nice taste on your lips. The flavors don't taste super fake or chemically.

I also use ChapStick before I put on my lipstick or lip gloss. I feel like it's a great base for your lips.. Kind of like how you use a base coat for your nails. At least for me, it keeps my lips from drying out when I do wear lipstick or lip stains, especially! 

This is only a little bit of my lip balm collection! There is also Walter's pawsie! 

So a review of the flavors I have nearby:

Fruit Punch: Smells similar to Cherry, but more fruity! Has a pleasant taste to it and the color is a nice pink!
GingerBread Kiss: Gingerbread is a seasonal flavor, so grab it while you still can! When you smell it, you immediately smell ginger. It instantly reminds you gingerbread cookies baking! Also the color of the chapstick is clear, so no weird brown color to be worried about!

Cake Batter: The vanilla is very strong in this one! I'd tell anyone who likes cake scented sweetness to go out and find it because you will love it! The color is also clear, not cake colored! 

Cherry: Cherry is just amazing. I wouldn't say it smells like what a usual cherry smell in make up smells like. It's unique to it's own and I feel has a slight mint throw to it. The color is pink! 

Candy Cane: Candy Cane is also seasonal, and smells super minty! When you use it, your lips get a little tingly! It is also clear. 

Green Apple: Green apple smells just like fresh apples! I usually hate green apple flavored things, but this one is a total exception! It's lovely! It is also colored green which is totally fun!

Grape: Grape smells like your usual grape candy! It is fun and fruity, and PURPLE! 

Besides your lips, ChapStick also has some unconventional uses! You can use it as cuticle softeners, helping to get a stuck ring off of your finger, or to even moisturize underneath your nose after you have a cold! I'd totally only use the unscented classic one for that though! 

So next time you're out shopping, take a look at the ChapStick display and pick one up! It's a dollar well spent! I'm sure there is a flavor that would suit everyone and anyone! My personal favorite is a tie between the Classic Cherry, Fruit Punch, Grape or Ginger Bread Kiss :)

Try ChapStick because its fun, flavorful, affordable and there is something out there for everyone!

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