Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm really tired, guys.

One week into classes and I'm so exhausted. I feel like I just haven't been used to getting up at 8 every morning and hauling my ass to school. Also, super sore from the addition of dancing every single day and the fact I haven't been doing that for uhm, five weeks? 

The worst part is that I have to work every single day this weekend. I nearly had a panic attack this morning because I couldn't find my work clothes, I didn't have a ride to work, I was sleepy, and sore. It was all bad. I felt so bad for snapping at Jake over it, but I'm so stressed out with two jobs and all this school work. I'm like freaking out over telling the job I care about that I can't work Friday night now because of rehearsal. Thankfully, Jake texted me and told me he could take me to work today so thats a little better. 

My Ipsy bag is in the process of making its way to me. I'm pretty excited for it. I peeked in my glam room and saw what I'm getting. While, I liked last months better, at least I'm still getting some neat products and a really cute make up bag!  

I also subscribed to another Subscription Box called Graze. My friend posted a link on Facebook with an offer to get a free box to try, so I went for it. You can control how often you get a box, and they're only about 5 dollars each time. They have healthy snacks in them, so I'm hoping they send me some yummy things! I have a code to get five of my friends a free first box, so I'll post that when I review it! 

I'm also always looking for new sub boxes to try. So let me know if you know of a cool one. :)

So, I'm kind of disappointed. Two of my favorite bands/musicians just announced their tours, and I'm way too broke to afford tickets. So I'm crossing my fingers that nothing sells out so I can still get tickets next month. I gotta see my girl Katy and my boys from Fall Out Boy right? Katy is also going on tour with Capital Cities for a couple locations, so I'm trying to go see her in Pittsburgh, because I think they seem like a cool band to see. 

Sorry this post is lame but I'm super tired. I'm sure when I re-read this later, I'll be like ew, wtf? Girl, you can do better. 

Yay! A link up!

I chose this song because, One: I want to see Capital Cities live, and Two: It made me happy listening to it this morning. So there ya go!

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