Monday, January 13, 2014

Books 'N Bloggers Swap

So I've been searching for some other blogs to read, and I stumbled upon something really cool! It's called the Books 'n Bloggers Swap! If you love books, this swap is totally for you.

You get paired with a partner and send them:

#1: A Book You Love

#2: A Book You Haven't Read But Have Been Meaning To Read

#3: A Book on Your Partners Wish list

Sign Ups Close on January 14th, and you get your partner the very next day! So hurry, hurry if you're interested! You must ship everything by February 1st, so everyone gets their stuff around February 5th, which is when everyone starts showing off their books!

I think this is an amazing way to read some new books, and have others read books you love!