Friday, December 12, 2014

five on friday

What? Another update?! 

Yeah, so, today uh I guess Five on Friday since I havent done this for months.


I just bought the Naked on the Run Palette. Good bye fifty four dollars, hello more makeup. 


Pretty sure I bombed my Italian final. Oh well I guess. One more class for me to suck ass at this semester. 


I plan on buying some blankets today. Vera is having a sale on them and with my additional discount you better bet your ass I'm feeding my addiction. Yayyyyyy.


I want a day off. Like really badly. I'm starting to consider these days where I work one job a day off. I know that is pathetic so yeah. Blah.


I want to hang out with some girls. I literally haven't been able to hang out with anyone but my boo, my mom or my dad recently which I mean I don't mind and I have fun but like.. Come on. I need someone to shop with who wont judge me spending ridiculous amounts of money on cosmetics. (aka Rachael come back from China cuz yeah.)

k bye. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

i'm back bitches!

Okay, I think I might be back.. 

I had a lot of trouble finding the passion to blog throughout the past couple of months. I left the HCBN (I feel like you're going to see my swearing come out more, sorry, not sorry :)  I left one of my jobs, I've been at school, been on a couple of trips.. all together an alright time. I just kind of missed being able to express my self on my little bloggy.

I'm considering taking a fresh start and just making a brand new blog. I know this one has to be over a year old by now (so much for a blog-aversairy right?), but eh, we'll see.

SO, What have I accomplished  done in the past few months?

I went to California in August and had a fantastic time. Here I am on the beach.

I quit my bartending job and got my job back at Starbucks. Talk about being basic, right? I would go into detail about that but eh, if you want to know, ask me. ;)

I went to Indiana again. It was fun.

I have bought one Christmas present because I'm a lazy and broke bitch. Meh, oh well. 

This semester is finally about to be over and I still haven't signed up for classes. To be honest, I don't really want to sign up for any classes. I'm probably just going to take two classes because I'm so lost in what I actually want to do with my life. Ugh. I'm such a loser. 

I've gotten really into makeup recently. Maybe I'll do some swatches and stuff like that to show on here. Would that be interesting? I can start with my Coastal Scents Palettes because sure enough on Black Friday I bought three of them. So yeah, dear makeup companies (coughcoughurbandecaycoughcough) send me make up please, k thanks.

I also haven't had a day off since last week so I'm hashtag dying and I think my next day off might be Christmas. Too bad my parents are literally going on vacation without my ass because I have to work. I'll be cooking, so maybe I'll document that adventure. We'll see. 

Okay well, later.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wow, I really have ignored this.

Hi everyone, welcome back. I'm still alive!

I just haven't had the passion to blog. I'm always busy, and when I'm not I just kind of talk to people, or play the sims. Not much in between. I actually had plans to revamp this whole blog from lifestyle to more of a food centered/cooking blog.

That was honestly because I was hungry that day. 

Uhm well, I promise I will at least update a couple times this week. I'm going on a little road trip this weekend so not sure how much I'll get accomplished within posting but I do have some cool things to show you! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School.

Welp, today was my first day of school. I only have one class on Mondays soooo, yeah. I had Accounting Principles I, which was boring as hell. The professor has a thick accent and you cant hear very well in the room so I'm kinda sorta worried. No biggie. 

I also just checked out my online Micro Econ class (Can y'all tell that I changed my major?!) and it seems okay. I'm worried about the math assessment but I'm sure I'll do fine. I'm not thaaaaaaat math challenged. 

I guess I just cannot believe summer is over and I'm already back it this place. I literally did nothing but work all summer and I'm kind of upset about that. Like really upset. I wanted to travel more places. I'm beyond happy I got to go to the places I did (Pennsylvania, Indiana, Canada and California) but I would have liked to go visit some more people and did more things besides being bored and going up to Cedar Point. 

Eh, oh well. Can't win them all. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

An update!

Hello errybody!

I'm currently on vacation in beautiful Los Angeles, California! Yay!!!!

So far, I've seen Sir Paul McCartney's concert on Sunday night, and I went to the zoo today. It's been exhausting. 

I'll let you know how the rest of the trip goes!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stories of Strength

I have received information and materials from McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

I spoke about how my mom gives me strength last time around! She supports me and is interested in my life no matter what! If you haven't submitted your story, please do so at Tylenol Stories of Strength!

For those times where Mom can't fix your sores and aches, Tylenol sure can! Tylenol Extra Strength has been a trusted brand for twenty years! Being the #1 doctor recommended brand sure can tell you that! 

Today, I'm going to talk about another great source of strength, my best friend and boyfriend, Jake! He always sits there and listens to me ramble about things I'm sure he is not interested in. He is always willing to try new things and is always there to give me a helping hand. I'm pretty ridiculous, so the fact he is ALWAYS there can tell you he is the perfect source of support! He wants me to live my dreams, just as much as I want him to live his! Perfect man! 

So, who else in your life gives you strength? Don't forget to share your story!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Best Fit Ever

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hollister Co. All opinions are 100% mine.
I love the beach, so it's no wonder whenever I go shopping I always go to Hollister Co! Hollister is my number one stop for jeans, so I'm so excited to introduce you to their fantastic jean collection! These jeans provide your best fit ever! I know being inbetween sizes its a little bit hard to find a pair that fit me right, but thanks to Hollister and their expansive fit range and sizes, I can find whats perfect for me! Hollister has different styles depending on how you're feeling, if you're looking to dress up your jeans you can go with a perfect bootcut, or if you're looking for the perfect skinny jeans to round off an outfitt, their jean leggings are ideal. One other thing I love about Hollister Jeans is the high quality material for the low cost. Talk about perfect!
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My favorite fit of Hollister Jeans? Super Skinny! The skinner the skinny jeans, the better! I do have to admit, the boyfriend jeans are super comfy and cute as well!
This is my dream back to school wardrobe! I wear flip flops til the snow starts so this is perfect!!!
Now, I also have an exciting offer! With this code, you can get any jeans in store for $20! That is practically a steal! Go, now! 

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So, what is your favorite fit of jeans?! Tell me in the comments!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

That time I won a goldfish!

Y'all should be super proud of me. A little over a month ago, Jake and I went to a carnival. We got there kinda late, so we didn't risk our lives on the rides (the ride operator in me still says these are a bad idea!). We basically just played games and took pictures. Which was a fun way to end the night!

So after playing a game and miserably losing, we walked around and found another game! It was one of those throw a ball in a certain color fishbowl and you won a stuffed animal. Clearly, Jake is really good a beer pong, so he was very good at this game. He ended up winning me two stuffed animals. However, Jake also got a ball in a different bowl, which ended up winning us a good ole carny goldfish. The games guy would not budge and basically made us take this fish. I felt bad, so we went over to target to find a tank to put it in. Target apparently is not fish central, so I found a vase til we could find something better.

Well, long story short. Jake and I have kept this fish alive for over a month! I'm shocked because I'm poor and cant afford proper housing for it since you aren't really supposed to keep fish in fish bowls. But, it's been working and I guess it will work til someone wants to give me a tank.. So meet Benedict Cumberfish my goldfish!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I have obviously been sucking at this blogging thing lately. I guess it comes down to the fact that I usually just work, and that I usually binge watch Netflix.

Last week I was basically back to that whole working every single day thing with one day off a week. Been there, done that, so happy it's over. I was just beyond exhausted every single day. Blaaaaaaah.

The big highlight of last week was getting to see my CP Fam, which is always a nice treat! I'm also planning my trip to California, and should be heading up to Canada this month. Vacations will be SO nice. 

To be honest, I'm really boring over the summer. I usually just work, which yes, leads to incredibly interesting stories, but most of those I will not share on social media..

Anyways, I'll keep this short since I'm really just rambling.. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm basically Liz Lemon.

So I've been bingeing 30 Rock on Netflix and I have discovered I am basically Liz Lemon (at least up til season 5 which is where I currently am up to!)

So, here are the 11 times I was basically Liz Lemon.

What happens when someone tries to take my food..

When I finally get said food...

When I have a really bad day...

When I don't get fed on time..

Me whenever I talk about how I literally work all the time..

Me when somebody offers me money...

When my friend's and I get curious about other people..

How I feel about rejection...

Why is it so hard to make new friends?

When people try to argue things I know about and they are SO wrong...

Me at sporting events...

Okay, going to bed now night night!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I've been boring... Sorry.

Yeah so, I've been super boring lately. I've mainly been working all the hours in the world with like, one day off a week. Ugh, all I want is some sleep but I love my jobs too much to ask for less hours!

I guess the highlight of the past week is that, I made over 100 dollars in tips Friday night. Awesome, right? If that could happen tonight, I will be a very happy girl! I also finally bought one of those ribbon board things. Now I just need to get Jake to hang it up for me and I'm solid. It's also Vera, of course so I'm super excited for how cute its gonna look in my room. 

I went to a Baseball game last Thursday. Our home team got brutally killed, the other team legit scored 9 home runs in one inning.. This is Minor League, what the heck is going on?! It was also Doll hair beer night, but since I didn't particularly want to drink Yeungling or Bud Light, I opted out and just stuffed my face with food instead.

Well, here's to hoping I have a more exciting week this week! It really hasn't been so far so yeah, fingers crossed!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tylenol Stories of Strength

I have received information and materials from McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

Is there somebody in your life that gives you strength? If there is, now is the time to share your story of strength! Tylenol is teaming up with Andie McDowell and her daughter, actress and singer Rainey Qualley, to launch the Tylenol Stories of Strength campaign! The program encourages people to share stories of these inspirational people in their lives! 

Want to get involved? It's super easy! Visit to get started! You can share your story of strength by submitting a video, photo or a couple of sentences about that person who gives you strength. For each story that is shared, it supports, which is an organization that helps young people become strong leaders for social change. People who participate also have the chance to win a prize every week! Sounds good? Go, go, go! :)

You may be wondering, who is the person that inspires me everyday? That person would be my mother. My mom is always there for me, and always lends a listening ear. I would be nowhere with out her. 

Actress, Rainey Qualley also shares about how you can share your story of strength! Isn't she gorgeous? I wish I had her hair! 

While there are times in life where support of others is the only strength you need, sometimes there are moments in life that require extra strength -- and when pain sets in, those are the times that Extra Strength TYLENOL® aims to be there. For 20 years, Extra Strength TYLENOL® has been the #1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever. Extra Strength TYLENOL® is clinically proven to provide strong, fast pain relief. 

If you'd like to learn more about the campaign and Tylenol, I encourage you to visit their Facebook page!! You can learn more about Andie McDowell and Rainey Qualley's involvement in the campaign!

So, Who gives you strength? Hope to see your videos soon! :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Holiday World Trip Recap

Last Friday, at this time. I was on my way down to Santa Claus, Indiana to go to Coaster Event with some of my friends! I had an absolute blast!

Look how happy it looks!

Cincinnati on the way down.  

Taking awkward pictures, cuz yolo.

Someone with the initials JB loves me!

I love Panda Express SO much. AKRON, why don't you have one anymore?!

The Voyage.

I thought it was pretty.

Splashin' Safari Time!

Riding in the back of the truck. Literally did this the whole weekend (besides on the highway of course!)

Hope all is well for everyone :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my foot hurts, so i'm blogging.

Well, as you know. I effed up my foot about two weeks ago. I'm amazed it's been that long and it's literally still hurting. I'm honestly broke, so I have to wait until after I get paid next to go for my follow up appointment. Broke college kid probs. :/

I was super worried that I would have to end up getting cortisone injections in my foot. But, I consulted Dr. Google, and she said that usually doctors wont do that for my type of injury. I guess that's good, but to be quite honest, I'm not even sure which tendon I messed up. BLAH.

In other news, I'm really digging the #yesallwomen on Twitter! I've been getting lots of fave's and retweets from women and men around the world! It's not a secret I'm a feminist. I'm not sure why people view that as a bad thing, or something to hide. Being a feminist means I believe in equal rights for BOTH genders. Trust me, not a man hater over here! I'm kinda shocked I haven't gotten a negative reply on anything I've had to say. I guess it's story time about one of my #yesallwomen tweets.

When I was a little bit younger, probably around 13,14ish. Hanging out in the front yard or walking to the local park was the fun thing to do! However, it was not fun being catcalled from random men in cars. Uh, hello? I'm BARELY a teenager. It's NOT okay for someone to lean out of the window and say "What up sexy" or "Looking good babe!" to anyone! This led to me being scared to walk anywhere by my self. I was scared that I would be abducted and raped if I wasn't with someone else. My parents would drive my friends home who lived down the street, which mind you I grew up in a pretty suburban area. This is rape culture. The fact I've always been told that I need to be walking in a group, instead of walking somewhere by my self. The fact I cant go for a jog (Okay, not like I can run on my foot currently, but you get the point) in my current neighborhood without my roommates and boyfriend being worried sick about me. I think all women can relate to this. 

To be honest, I kind of suck at writing feminist posts, but I think everyone gets the point that I'm trying to put across. I just want to live in a world where women can feel safe to go somewhere by themselves, and be able to tell a man no with out being called a crazy bitch. Is that too much to ask for?

Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi everyone! I'm currently looking for a couple guest posters for next weekend! Please email me, or comment here if you're interested! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

that confession post.

I love posting my weekly not-so-scandalous confessions! Linking up with Kathy from Vodka and Soda for her humpday confessions! 

Weekly Confessions as told by She's the Man Gifs.

Can I be medically lazy? Since I hurt my tendon, I've literally been in bed all day. I managed to go with my dad to get my prescription and grocery shopping. Jake even took me to lunch one day, but I mostly bitched and wanted to go home and lay down and play the sims. I actually have to work tonight and I'm kinda sorta really nervous about that because uh hello, last time I was there I was crying because of the pain I was in. My life. Literally haven't been outside since probably Sunday. 

I've been getting pretty excited for just about any contact with the outside world. Hell, I wasn't even mad about a prank phone call the other day.. but in other words.. WHO THE HELL STILL PRANK CALLS PEOPLE? They pretended to be a person who's car I hit which I was like uh, my ass doesn't even have a car. How would this work? Try harder next time!

There are a LOT of trashy bloggers. Like oh my goodness. Leave it to me to find these whacky people. Thankfully nobody I usually read or people that my blog friends read but holy crap. These people literally put everything and anything out there. The crazy thing is, these people will post something outrageous, basically going against all common sense possible, and then someone will call them out on it, and then all their followers will defend them to the death. WHAT?

I'm going on a trip next weekend! I'm so pumped!!! Even though it's only to Indiana, I'm still traveling quite a bit this summer! It'll be great! :)

X-Men comes out tomorrow! So this brings me to a hard question? Do I spend my money on the movies, or do I spend my money going out with some friends? I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons here. Hugh Jackman is basically pulling me in the whole x-men direction, even though he is not my current celebrity crush. But whatever, he may be like 22 years older than me but doesn't matter. Still attractive. (Look at me just talking about trashy bloggers and then I go and get trashy..figures)

So if we don't know this doozy already, I'm TERRIFIED of snakes. This girl I had to unfollow on Insta kept posting pictures of them. UGH. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Last but not least, I cant stand when people that you know in real life change their online persona so much. I like when people keep it real as they do in person like my girl Rachael. I happened upon a girl from high schools blog and the stuff she says is so beyond what actually goes on in homegirls life. It's comical. Maybe it's meant to be written that way, I don't know but please. People will like you for who you are, not whatever you're trying to be on the interwebs.

That's all folks. Did I get out of line? Probs, but oh well!