Monday, January 13, 2014

First Day Of School!

So, It's my first day of school today for the new semester! I have five classes today! Intro to Ethics, Modern II, Women's Studies: Gender and the Political Revolution, University Singers, and Developmental Psychology. 

Obviously before I review my classes, heres a selfie of me totally not looking like a bum for once! I actually wore jeans today and that is really impressive coming from me. My goal is to wear real clothes for at least the first week of school.

I also packed my lunch today. That is a huge achievement on my part since, lets get real, I'm kinda lazy and really like to just go buy McDonalds or Subway... 

Intro To Ethics

So far, I can tell I'm going to like this class! The professor is really funny and entertaining! However some of the people in my class are a little to set in stone on some topics, but that will be good debate. My professor is originally from Western Pennsylvania, like I am (Being born there and constantly visiting counts, right?) so it's cool to discuss the area with him. He also is really into science fiction, so I'm always willing to learn about more tv shows or movies to watch!

Modern II

Modern II is one of three dance classes I'm taking this semester. It's been awhile since I took Modern I so hopefully I still remember it! One of my friends from Ballet is in the class as well, so it was refreshing to see a familiar face. Another interesting this is that, everyone actually has dance experience! That is rare in the lower level dance classes, so I think the degree of difficulty in the class will be set to a higher bar which I really appreciate. It will help me progress in my dance technique! 

Another interesting thing that is going to be happening tomorrow is.. I'm auditioning for a performance!!! What?! I'm going to audition for the student choreography pieces tomorrow night. I'm actually pretty nervous, but some of my ballet girls are also coming to audition as well so I'm hoping we all get selected for a couple pieces. I haven't performed in forever and I really hope I get this opportunity to do so. 

Women's Studies ST: Gender and The Political Revolution

I had the instructor for this class last semester, so I'm pretty pumped to have her again! I was really surprised when I walked into class and saw one of my best friends sitting there! She actually thought she was enrolled in a different course, however ended up being in my class! I'm really excited because, I've never had a class with her before so it'll be great to have a buddy in class with me. I also found out this is a 400 level class, which is my first one I've ever taken. So I'm in for a lot of reading and writing papers. 

I'm also excited to learn about history. I'm not well versed on a lot of these 'revolutions' we're talking about. We're also talking about some international ones, and ones I've never heard of before. I'm really looking forward to knowing about how gender played a role in some of these events.

University Singers

I talked awhile back about how I joined choir again and how I was totally nervous to do so. My first day in choir went well. Some people I knew from marching band are also in it, so as always, it's great to see a familiar face in any class. The one part I'm not at all used to is singing alto! I'm one of those people who can really go either way, but I'm usually used for my high range. So it'll be a learning experience for me! 


Not a real class, but I went to the gym for the first time this semester. I only went on the bike and did a couple shoulder work outs, but I'm just getting started, really. I'm excited to take my first work out type class tomorrow. It should be really fun!

Developmental Psychology

I can already say, I'm not excited for this course. The developmental portion of intro to psych was just so.. boring. I also looked to see what we would be learning about and it's really nothing I'm all that interested in. I'll try my hardest.. Its a nursing pre-req for a reason..

Second day of classes, will of course be posted tomorrow. I have Ballet, which is actually a combined section and I know a lot of people in it! So, I'm pretty excited. I also have Jazz tomorrow, and Choir again. Then at night I have my Into to Nursing class. Hopefully everything is exciting tomorrow and not just boring syllabus day.

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