Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lets go ouuuuuuuuuut tonight!

So, Instead of staying at home, stuffing my face and watching Netflix all night long, I'm going out for a girls night with my friends! Yay! 

But the truth is, while I can dance like a ballerina.. I can't dance like I belong at a club to save my life. I'm just so awkward! My friends tried to teach me how to twerk and it just didn't happen.  It really didn't happen. I just never know what do with my arms or my body or anything. 

The best thing about going out is putting on cute clothes and makeup!!! I think it's just fun to dress up and take pictures! Even though half of the selfies I take on my phone (especially, while drinking!) end up looking like this:

I just love making that face for some reason.

My goal is for selfies like this. In other news, Katy Perry is perfection.

I haven't quite decided what to really wear tonight. It's cold out and half of my going out clothes are kinda skimpy. Booooooo :(

It's gonna be a hard decision!!!!

Not so hard, is makeup. I'm a big fan of the smokey eye look! 

and red lips of course!


Well, if you follow me on twitter or instagram you can see the nights adventure roll out!


  1. i'm a huge fan of the staying in and watching TV all night. in fact, if anyone asks if i want to go out and it's 7pm? i decline. i'm already in my pjs by then! wow, that makes me sound so sad.

    Vodka and Soda

    1. Oh, that is basically what I do all the time. The only thing that usually gets me out of bed is going to get food!

  2. I hope you had an amazing girls night! I agree that half the fun is dressing up and taking pictures, I look like a crazy fool when I dance (but that doesn't stop me)!