Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kat Cooks: Mini Baked Mozzarella Balls

Awkward title, I know. But, really? What else can I call them? I originally found this recipe on Pinterest, and I've notice that it's usually a Pinterest Fail so, I decided why not try to make it work? I also added my own little pizzaz to it! If you like mozzarella sticks, this recipe is for you!

MMMMMM, right?

What you need:

Low Fat Mozzarella String Cheese

Garlic and Herb Bread Crumbs ( I used Progresso Brand)

Garlic Powder

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Low fat or 2% Milk

Pasta Sauce of your choice!

Go ahead pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees, while you're waiting go ahead and grease up a pan. I put a lot of oil on the bottom so they'd be crispy, so I really recommend doing that. 

Take a bowl, grab your bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and garlic powder and mix it together. I eyeball everything, so do it to your own person taste!  In another bowl, put some milk in it. After all of that is done, go ahead and chop up your string cheese into little bite size chunks. 

Take the cheese and dip them in the milk, then roll them around in the bread crumb mix til they're nice and covered. Repeat til your have enough cheese balls for your little hearts desire! Stick them in your pan and put them in the oven. I check them every so often to make sure they're still holding up. I'd say the whole process takes about 10 minutes, but that might vary depending on your oven.

This is really kind of a bad picture, but they should look crispy and golden like this when they're done! 

While they're cooking go ahead and warm up your tomato sauce! I mix in some garlic powder cuz I LOVE garlic! 

The finished product! These things are so delicious, I've made them twice!! Thank you to the original recipe and I hope you don't hate me for my tweaks. :)

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  1. yummmm nom nom nom. great job on not having it be a pinterest fail ;)