Saturday, January 11, 2014

All Fired Up!


One of my favorite things to do in Akron, as a child was to go to a paint your own pottery place called All Fired Up. I used to beg my mom to take me and sometimes even my dad (he was a tad more reluctant though). Basically, you picked a piece, usually a little sculpture for the kids or when I was older, I painted vases and stuff similar to that. 

Going there actually inspired me to get into ceramics and sculpture when I was in high school. I really loved being able to make my own things however I wanted. I really wish I could find another place to do ceramics besides at my university, since I'd still have to take an art pre-req to get into the class I'd want, even though I already know the basics of ceramics.

Anyways, my friend Cerise and I headed over to All Fired Up to paint some pottery! We actually picked the same piece to paint..

Many options!! Everything was also lightweight really expensive. We both chose this:

Not totally sure what I'm actually going to do with it, but I think it'll be nice for fruit or something like that. So after you pick your piece, you have to get brushes and chose some glaze for your pottery!

They put all the samples on these adorable little froggies! I ended up starting with these colors. They look different after it goes in the kiln though!

I also actually didn't use all those colors at all. I changed my mind half way through lol.


The base color I used was called Galaxy, which is how I got the idea for what I was going to design on my bowl! I'm trying to make it look like how galaxy nail art looks! This color will end up being a really shiny dark blue! After I finished the outside... I had to figure out what color to make the inside! I'm all about making it crazy, so I went for a sunburst type thing on it! Hopefully it turns out okay!

After I finished the inside... I had to actually start the galaxy print! I was so nervous that I would mess it up! I figured out the best way would probably be to use a sponge to put the pattern on, then a very small brush to put little dots representing stars.

I hope it looks super cool whenever it comes out of the kiln all shiny and in what colors its supposed to look like! I figured if I hate it, my mom of course will love it because I made it and use it for something! Incase you guys were wondering, my friend's creation looked like this!

I will totally post updates on what everything looks like when it's all done and beautiful! It actually took us two days to finish painting everything. The first night after we started, Cerise and I went to go get Froyo at Menchies and Half Off App's at Applebees! The second night, we went to Chipotle, then met up with my roommate Michelle and Rachael from The Rachael Way to go see Disney's Frozen! It was SO good! I wasn't expecting to be that blown away by a movie! Afterwards, Rach and I had a kitten cuddle sesh and worked on making my blog look cuter! We also went out to breakfast in the morning after sleeping in for a million hours. 

Well, that's all I have for today!


  1. How adorable is that!? So cute. I suck at arts and crafts (Pinterest is like a tease, so rude)

    xo fal |

  2. Aw thanks :) Pinterest is very cruel. Nothing ever turns out the way it should!!!