Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone had an awesome dinner and a great time!

So, I feel like it's necessary to do a things I'm thankful for post.

 My family, friends and the boyfriend! They mean the world to me,
and they help me get through every single day. Thank you for everything!
Me, Kyle, Megan, then Jake (the boyf)

Food. I just love food. So much. All of it. AHHHH.

mmmm. chicken nuggets.

Cats. Cats are great. Everyone should have a cat. 
not even enough cats.

Blankets. Oh I loveeee blankets. 

A damn good cosmo


Chris Pine. Do I need an explanation?
okay, maybe i have wee bit of an obsession with this man.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday, and if you go out for Black Friday. Please, remember to be kind to all the people working out there giving you the sales that you're looking for. 

<3 Kat

Ps: My first Birchbox Review should come sometime tomorrow! It was awesome!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Man Candy Monday

Happy Monday, errybody!
lol jk, I know everyone hates Mondays.

So, I hate Monday a whole whole lot, but the one thing I do not hate about Mondays is...

Man Candy Monday


So, instead of posting my Man Candy Monday first,
I'm just gonna go on Twitter and see who everyone elses is.

First up is...

Bradley Cooper! Tweeted by @lifeasababe

Ed Westwick, AKA Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl!
Tweeted by @madi_johnson21

Josh Hutcherson, or as most people just call him Peeta, on Twitter.
Tweeted by @fullbackprobs_


Well.. It'd be silly to start my #MCM posts with someone else so here we go...


aka MINE.

Well anyways, I hope this helped perk your Monday up a lil bit.

So tell me, who is your Man Candy Monday?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I hate being sick. I'm guessing you do too!

Hey there! It's me again, Kat. 

So earlier this week, on Monday, I got one of those 24 hour viruses type deal.
AKA- You stay in bed all day and try not to throw up.

Well, Monday was straight up awful. I had to miss all of my classes and I had to call off work. Calling off work makes me really stressed out due to thinking everyone will hate me that has to cover my shift and thinking that my managers will hate me.

Shockingly, my manager what totally sweet and told me to feel better and its perfectly fine to take a day off every once in a while if you're not feeling well. She even checked up on me the next day when I came to work! Wow, I wish some of my previous jobs were that supportive. 

So anyways, it was a very rough day. I ended up going to my moms house because I figured she'll take care of me like she always does (and she did!) Well, after sleeping on and off for about eighteen hours that day, attempting to eat something more than triscuits, and trying to watch a couple movies. I finally took some nite quil and good a good nights sleep. 

The next day I felt great! I went to all of my classes and I managed to eat food with out feeling terrible! Things were going great! Fast forward to Friday- I start feeling awful again! 

So long story short, My friday night consisted of watching the two new Star Trek movies (Uhm, Chris Pine, Please marry me!), Watching a couple TNG episodes with my dad and then introducing my mom to Star Trek TOS. 

He's mine, ladies! 

Well, now Saturday is here and instead of doing something great like going out and dancing or seeing a movie with my friends. I'm stuck at home with my mom taking care of me again. 

Well anyways, hope you all are doing well! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hey there gorgeous!

Hey There!

My name is Kat, and I'm going to try this whole blogging thing.

Me! I was going to a Fall Out Boy concert!

I think the proper way to start this out is to let you guys get to know a bit about me. So, first things first,
I have to give my credit and inspiration for starting a blog to my wonderful friend Rachael over at Pretty in Pink. She is amazing and I think everyone should go and read her blog <3

Rachael and myself in 2012 when we worked at Cedar Point! 
Yeah, It's a little rough, but every picture is rough when you work there lol.

Anyways, I'm probably your average twenty year old. I'm in school with a major in nursing,

with minors in Womens Studies and Dance (Yeah it makes no sense, but whatevs)
I live in Ohio, It's not that bad but it's really not that great either. I really love cats, food, nail polish and makeup. Thats probably what I'm going to be focusing on hurrrr.

Here are some of my kitty-boos <3

Griffin- a rare photo where he doesnt look grumpy.

Pedro- more of my mom's cat, but a total sweetheart.

Walter- my baby kitten!

Zeus- he's a total mama's boy and his brother is Walter!

Anyways! I hope y'all read this and find out whatever I'm doing day to day!