Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Second First Day of Classes

I feel like this is pretty common, but I have different classes on Tuesday and Thursday! Today I have Ballet II, Jazz I, Choir and Intro to Nursing! (lol, JK this is a day late)

I'm also auditioning later for Spring Into Dance, which is a dance concert that is all student choreography works. I'm pretty nervous for it, but I'm really hoping I get into at least one or two pieces. I'll be thrilled for anything, honestly! I'm kinda stressing because I wanted to be able to show them that I'm experienced in Jazz dance as well, however, my Jazz shoes are MIA and it's kinda unprofessional to show up with out shoes.. but Modern and Ballet will suffice! 

Lets also talk about how great this picture is...


Ballet II

My class ended up being too small, so we're being combined with a Ballet I class, which is fine. I honestly wish I was in an upper level course, but I couldn't fit it into my semester, and I really loved the instructor thats teaching so I felt it was fate. My class has a girl I had Tap with last semester, and three girls from my ballet class. I think it'll be a lot of fun. I've actually known my instructor since I was about... 8? years old? She was my childhood ballet and jazz teacher! Not gonna lie, we didn't always get along when I was younger but she is totally cool now and I'm pumped to have her for class again! She is also teaching my Jazz class, so it'll be fun to have her again. 

Jazz I

Jazz I was pretty much just like the ballet syllabus day. Nothing too interesting. Looking forward to actually starting everything! 

Power Abs

I didn't quite make it to Power Abs today cuz.. well.. I forgot my gym shorts and I was too lazy to have Jake or Krystal bring me a pair. I'm determined to go to this class though. It will happen. 

Intro to Nursing

This class was alright. Apparently we're going to have a guest speaker every week, so that'll be cool. We're learning about different fields of nursing and all of our options. Our teacher is from Wisconsin so she has a fabulous accent, so this class will at least sound nice.


I recruited a friend from Ballet, and headed over to the audition last night! I'm not going to lie, it was kind of scary. How the auditions went were that each choreographer presented something, and we learned it. There were many different styles of dance being auditioned. The first two pieces were pointe pieces, so I sat out for those because I stopped pointe after I injured my self. While, I would love to go back on it, I'm not going to risk it until my body (gotta strengthen those ankles!) is ready again. 

The first piece I auditioned for was really hard. I tried my hardest though! The second one was a lot more my speed and style. I really enjoyed the song we were doing it to and could get into it. I auditioned for everything else after that besides a hip hop piece, a really really hard one I couldn't quite get and that was killing my knees and a solo piece. 

The whole experience was hard. I had no idea what to expect when I went into it. It did show me that I think I can get back to where I was before in dance, even though I'm not quite there yet. I gave it all I had and I hope thats enough to get me into a piece for it. I'm currently awaiting casts lists, and when I walked to the dressing room to change this morning, one of the choreographers was actually looking for me because she couldn't remember what the names on the sign-in sheet were and had apparently been looking for number 2. I guess I walked in there at the right time? So I'm hoping I made her piece! That would be awesome! 

Since I posted this a day late #whoops, I'm sure I'll post a little update on my day later if anything all that interesting happens... or I might even get around to reviewing my December Birchbox.

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