Friday, January 24, 2014

Kat Reviews Stuff: Love Spell by Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist

Like almost every girl on this planet, I love having plenty of body sprays, and fragrances. One of my favorite sprays is called Love Spell. They sell it at Victoria's Secret (I'm sure you already knew that, though!)

Love Spell is very a flirty, fun scent! You can smell Cherry Blossom, Peach, and White Jasmine. I'd consider it much more of a summer scent, even thought I wear it year round. My mom actually started wearing this before I did, I was way more into Pure Seduction (I'll totally review that one later), but I eventually started wearing this one as well. 

I usually spritz this scent on right before I go to bed so I'm smelling fresh all night long. I have the shimmer lotion in the same scent, I've been wearing that when I go out. I think Love Spell is a great going out scent. It's just so fun and happy! My one complaint is that it doesn't last super long in high energy situations. But it still smells nice if you aren't doing a whole lot of activity.

I like how casual this scent is. I also enjoy how people of all ages can use this scent with out it smelling to young or too old on people. My mom wears it and so do I! I even wore it back in high school, so it's totally versatile. It's great for going to school, running errands or even date night! My boyfriend loves this scent on me, as well! Boyfriend approved!

Another great thing about Love Spell is that it is rather inexpensive for a nice fragrance. You're going to be spending about 12 dollars on the mist, however, VS always has sales on their body care lines, so I'd recommend picking it up in one of those offers. I've also used the lotion and body washes in this scent. They are both great products as well. I think using the lotion as well makes the scent last longer. 

Overall, I'd recommend Love Spell, since it is super versatile and many people tend to love it! It's a safe scent to even buy someone as a gift because of that reason! It's def a trusted product, as well as the rest of the Secret Garden line!


  1. I love this scent! My best friend used to wear it in high school, so it always reminds me of her and that fun time in our lives :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. Ah this is so crazy! Love spell used to be my "scent". Anyone that I know who knew me in middle school & high school knows that I wore this all the time. That's so crazy that you wear it too! I had to switch because the smell never stays on my body for too long.. the lotion works great better for the scent longevity! (I still use it now!)