Friday, February 28, 2014

Mug 'O Comfort Swap!

I love swaps.. a lot. I've just been accepted to join The Chaotic Goddesses for another swap! I recently was a part of the book swap the did and now I'm a part of the


I love mugs! This is actually the second mug swap I'm doing this month, so yay! Basically you must send your partner an adorable mug, stuffed with goodies they love! Sound cool? Sign up right here!

Hurry, hurry and sign up! :)

Five awesome phone apps

Well hey, today I'm bringing you five phone apps that I think are pretty cool! Obviously, I love Facebook and Twitter, but everyone loves those so I'm not gonna include anything like that.


QuizUp! It's a fun trivia app that is a major time passer and I love it so much. You can basically play trivia on any topic you want, and compete against other people!


Been! Been is an app that you can easily keep track of countries and states you have visited! Perfect for any person who loves to travel! 


Duolingo is a language learning app! I use it more to keep my self fresh with french, but I think you could learn from it! It's very handy!


CatPaint. I obviously love cats and this app lets you add pictures of cats to any picture you have. Please get it, it's cool.


The Not Always Right app. If you worked in any form of customer service.. this app is for you! You can read stories about horrible customers and ridiculous situations! Super funny, and I think I even paid money for it, so you know it's worth it.

So thats all I have today, Exciting, I know..

Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 2014 Ipsy Bag Review + Announcement!

Hello lovelies! Welcome to my February 2014 Ipsy Bag review!

Now some of you know what and Ipsy Bag is, for those of you who dont.. Ipsy is a monthly subscription service! For ten dollars every month, you'll get a cute make up bag stuffed with 4-5 full size or deluxe beauty samples! Sounds good and you want to sign up? Excellent! Please use my referral link so I can earn some points! :) Click right here! You'll get so much love forever and ever and ever!

Now, on to what I got this month!

Lots of pink! 

City Color: Be Matte Blush

Zoya Nail Polish

Dr. Lin Acne Spot Corrector

Pop Beauty lip gloss.

Eyetini Eyeshadow

Swatches of errythaaaang swatchable. 

So I think this month was amazing! I got great products, three of which were full sized! The only thing I wont really use is the acne spot corrector, but I've been using everything else!


So, starting TUESDAY I'm gonna start a little weekly link up thaang called


and it's super easy! All you gotta do is snap a picture of your painted nails, tell us the brand and shade and link up! You dont even have to write a post about it.. just a little link at the end! Sound cool? Good, cuz I'm working on a little image for it and everything! I'll keep y'all updated and I would LOVE for people to join in on it! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

hump day confessions

Today, I'm gonna link up with Kathy from Vodka and Soda. Her blog is pretty much freaking amazing and is one of my favorites now. Go read it. You wont regret it.

So, my confessions are...

I got some really sucky news today, I'm really not ready to talk about it out loud or on the blog, but I'm sure when I am ready, I will. I'm also just hoping for the best so...

I have no idea what I want to do in school. I feel like such a damn failure because of it. I know I'm kinda doing the nursing program right now, but I'm scared

I feel like this sounds gross, but I maybe only wash my hair like.. 3 times a week? It's really thick and doesn't get greasy right away, so I mean. I'm not wasting shampoo? 

I'm getting really sick of bucky people on Facebook. Like hello?! You're in your 40s/50s and you're acting like you're in highschool! It's whack as hell. 

I'm really uncomfortable with my body right now. I need to lose weight and stick to my gym plan but I just cant get to it. 

I also had a major emotional breakdown today, so theres that. I'm officially a hot mess. :(

Love you all, and I'm going to be announcing a really exciting (for me, atleast) link up opportunity tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sometimes... I write fake musicals. Fakeicals.

Not sure if this is weird, but sometimes I just try to make up fake musicals, using songs that already exist because lets get real, I can't write any music that sounds nice to save my life. So, yeah it's kind of fun. I try to make up a plot and characters, based around a random assortment of songs.

obvs gotta add some gifs, cuz this is just boring if not.

This also shows the fact I'm telling you about my weird habits proves I seriously have nothing better to write about, but anyways... the current fake musical or fakeical if you will, is based in the year 1990 (that way I can literally use music from ALL of the '80s. YEAAAAAH)

Uhm not much of a plot or character development really going on yet. I do know there is gonna be MAJOR drama and it's just going to have backstabbing left and right, lovers quarells and bunches of fun numbers and lots of dance.

Yeah, I'm really putting a lot of thought into something that would NEVER be produced, but hey, that's okay. It gives me something to do when I'm super bored. 

Sorry this was lame and all, but whatever lol.

Monday, February 24, 2014

should be writing a paper on the russian revolution.. but this is happening instead.

Aww, yeah. Weekly wrap up time!

Monday: Almost 100% sure I did nothing besides going to school. I'm really trying to think here and absolutely nothing is popping in my head. Oh well, moving on I guess.

Tuesday: We had this day off from school instead of Monday for Presidents Day. I pretty much just slept and got Jake to get me Burger King. I also went to Target and raided the Valentines day section. I got these cute little cups for 39 cents each. I'm kinda obsessed with sippy cups because my evil cats cant knock them over and spill everything everywhere or they cant stick their little paws in my drink. Any pet owners, you should get one. Best investment ever. I also obviously bought a bunch of chocolate because yolo I guess. I don't even really eat that much chocolate but it was cheap.. I know, my life is so exciting y'all cant handle it.

Wednesday: Pretty much the same as Monday.

Thursday: I worked? Jeeze, I really must be really boring because I can think of nothing I actually did. OH, wait. I also went out to dinner with my dad, and my car got taken into the shop to you know, get a muffler on it since mine fell off at some point... #katprobs. Also had to spend the night at my moms house since we still didn't have a car.

Friday: Friday was good. Jake bought a new TV for our room and took me to Build-a-Bear. There are pictures coming soon, I promise. My dad also let Jake drive his new car around since mine still is muffler-less. I also had rehearsal that night and I got to order Chinese food! My cats decided to be little assholes and try to steal said Chinese food, so I had to put them in the bathroom, since they can spend hours in there and not get bored. Yeah, they're weird. They literally HAVE to come in whenever someone takes a shower or a bath just to play. 

Saturday: I feel like work took up a lot of Saturday and thats cool. My dad had to drop Jake off at work since lack of car and then he took me later. We also went out to lunch which was nice. I also got to talk to our family friend who is the guy who is managing the people who are fixing my car. Turns out, everything is covered by warranty from when I got the muffler replaced last spring, so YAY! Super expensive repair is ALL free. Except, it's taking forever for a certain part to arrive so no car. I also got to go out and have a couple drinks after work. I didn't get sloppy so that was really an accomplishment on my part. The pizza I got was also a major accomplishment as well.

Sunday: I pretty much went to work, went to my Moms did some laundry, made dinner for Jake and my mom then went home. My mom let us use her car so at least we can drive places now. Thats nice.


The Rachael Way

Saturday, February 22, 2014

so my back is whack

This week has been semi rough. I'm pretty sure you guys have gathered at this point that I'm pretty damn dramatic. 

Anyways, I'm in dance class, laying on my back. Something feels weird though. I feel.... crooked. Now, I've always had back problems, and I actually got checked out for scoliosis in the past. Turns out, I had like, a little baby, hardly even there curve. Probably me just standing funny. 

NOPE, now I'm convinced I'm all broken and crooked. My back has literally been killing me all week, I can't bend over, and I can't lift anything heavy. Ugh, so this week has really been sucking since I dance every single day. 

I'm also really hoping I'm just sore and didn't mess up anything because I'm really over having injuries. I'm convinced that when I was made, apparently nobody wanted to spring for the name brand body parts, so they settled for the off brand on clearance ones. 

Oh well, guess I'm going to the trainer on Monday. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 21, 2014

shows i probably should tell y'all to watch

Well, I've been lazy like no other and me being lazy for 20 some years and the invention of steaming Netflix and really good dvd sales at Target have probably been the highlights looking back at everything. I'm one of those people who will chain-watch a series till it's over and then bitch that I have nothing to watch. WELL. If you need something new to watch, and trust me I have all sorts of genres for everybody, HERE YA GO.


Pretty much the best medical show ever. Also, fun fact: My nursing teacher thinks I'm all studious but REALLY, I'm just saying stuff I learned from watching House. HAHAHA, what is my life? My human bio teacher in high school would also get bored and have us watch House instead. But yeah, go watch it. Trust me, there are like 8 seasons, so it'll keep you entertained. Sadly, this isn't on Netflix, but I always found good deals on the seasons at Target. 


Futurama is hilarious. It was also another show my high school Human Bio teacher would make us watch when he didn't want to teach. Not sure how it related to anything in the least bit, but eh whatever, I wasn't complaining. The characters are funny, and the show often parodies sci fi movies, shows, or even some pop culture going on. This is on that lovely streaming service of Netflix, so go click on over and watch. 


If you like love stories, you'll love this show. It's cute, and not mention hilarious. However, not gonna lie, I can never manage to catch it when it's actually on TV so I just wait for everything to be on Netflix. Plus, hello? Neil Patrick Harris. Once, I posted a picture of him and his family on Facebook and like, a million people liked it. 


Haha, I just love geek and nerd culture. This show is the best. I never manage to not find it funny. Everyone has their favorite character, and I dunno, sometimes you learn something about science. Cool, right? Plus, watching all the guys on it make me feel slightly less socially awkward. Not on Netflix, so just go to Target!!!!!


Oooh, yeah. Got a little dark up in here. Dexter was a pretty fantastic show. It's pretty dark, but I mean, it has its humorous moments as well. Plus, I think Deb is the only person who can give me a run for money when it comes to swearing (which, I've really tried to stop doing on here, now twitter is a whole other story...) But yeah, first four seasons are great, five is decent, six is interesting, seven should be a victim of Dexter, and eight was great till the end. Plus, I think that Dexter quote up there is all nice and up lifting. Netflix finally put all the seasons up, so go, watch! 


Psych is really funny, and is a good crime show. Now, dont get me wrong, Law and Order: SVU will probably always win, but still. Psych is actually in it's last season now, so that kind of sad because almost every show I like gets cancelled, but anyways hop over to Netflix, cuz I think it's still on there.

Well, that's all for now! Hope I helped y'all find something to watch to pass the time or something. I dunno. Today's been weird.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm the kind of girl..

I'm the kind of girl...

- that tries to save orphaned animals (that poor mommy-less baby bunny!)

- that cares way too much if someone doesn't text me back

- that still cares about the drama at my old job

- who gets a emotional watching the olympics

- that loves thunder storms.

- who treats her cats like her own children

- that a kitten could make a bad day good for her.

-who loves food

- who constantly wants to be the best at something

- who is really dramatic sometimes

- who can be a super hot mess

- who has the best friends in the world

- who you can talk to about anything with out her finding it awkward

- who is obsessed with target

- who wishes she was really involved in a sport

- who want's to travel the world but cant afford it

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Frost Book Review

I received this book in an exchange for a review and I was not financially compensated, all opinions that are stated are one hundred percent my own. 

If you're a fan of the fantasy genre and you are really into fairy tales, open a new tab, get on Amazon, and search for First Frost by Liz Dejesus.

First Frost surrounds the main Character, Bianca Frost who works in her family-owned museum with her mom. The museum, which specializes in fairy tale artifacts, like Cinderella's glass slippers, Rapunzel's braid, The Evil Queen's mirror, etc., has been handed down in the family and will eventually become Bianca's, however, Bianca yearns for something different instead of carrying on the legacy of the museum.

Soon, Bianca uncovers a family secret, which shortly after her mother is kidnapped. Bianca must use her new found secret, some of the museums artifacts and must enter a strange new world to find her mother. Bianca brings along her best friend, Ming, into a journey that incorporates family, magic, romance, friendship and adventure. Bianca finds new friends and family in her adventure to find her mother, along with discovering her self. 

That's as much of the plot I'm willing to give away, without giving away the whole story! First Frost was a fun read for anyone who likes adventure novels. I found that Bianca was a very easy character to relate to, and her best friend, Ming, reminded me of one of my best friends! It was very easy to insert my self in the story, which is something I really like to happen in books. I felt that the characters developed well, and Bianca's sarcastic commentary along the way was perfect. This story mostly incorporated the Grimm Fairy Tales, which a lot of Disney movies are based off of. It was very interesting to see these in a different light. 

For all of you romance lovers out there,  don't worry, there is definitely a romance in this book, and I loved it! I loved how it wasn't the traditional romance you would see in a fairy tale, but it felt real, like someone slowly developing a crush on someone to really falling for them. It felt realistic in the realm of fairy tales, which is something totally new!

I honestly don't really have any complaints about this book, and would recommend it as a quick and easy young adult read to anyone interested in the genre!

Good news! If you enjoyed First Frost, there is a sequel titled Glass Frost, which will be on the blog pretty soon! 

If you're interested in First Frost, you should join Liz Dejesus Birthday Bash this weekend, on Facebook! Go ahead and click right here to join! It's a good chance to meet the author, and who knows?! Maybe some other special things will be going on! Please check it out ;)

Singing my Name

So, one of my Facebook Friends posted this thing where they spelled their name with songs. I decided since I didn't totally have anything planned for today that I'll write out my blog name in songs! I'm sure y'all cant wait.

K: Kiss 'n Tell- Ke$ha
A: Africa- Toto
T: Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

K: Kick Drum Heart- Avett Brothers
A: Alone Together- Fall Out Boy
T: Titanium- David Guetta
A:Any Other World- Mika
S: Safe and Sound- Capital Cities
T: Too Close- Alex Clare
R: Rolling in the Deep- Adele
O: Of All The Gin Joints In The World- Fall Out Boy
P: Peacock- Katy Perry
H: Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet- Fall Out Boy
E: Eyes Wide Open- Goyte

Yay! Wasn't that exciting?! I was really trying hard not to use Fall Out Boy, or Katy Perry multiple times, but oh well, I did. 

Speaking of names, does it bother anyone that some people still kind of have "Myspace" names on Facebook. They're like " Jenny SWAGPRINCESSBLING Smith" Like what? Okay. Not sure your middle name is really Swagprincessbling, but sure whatever.

Maybe I'm just weird, but yeah. Anyways, Hope y'all are having a fantastic day. Go do something fun for me that isn't Developmental Psych! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What, what? Here's a giveaway!

I'm sure y'all love giveaways! This one is pretty cool since it is giving away $25 in Paypal cash! Who couldn't use that extra money in their wallet?

Monday, February 17, 2014

last week

Not gonna lie, after my super boring week last week... I was kind of determined to make this one fun. Now, this week kinda sorta was bucky.

Monday: Ugh, what did I do on Monday? Oh yeah! We had this ALL day long Choir Retreat. I got free pizza so I mean, that was cool. My mom also made TACOS, which if any of you know my mom, she is like, the best at making those. Yum!

Tuesday: Complete blur in whatever I actually did... moving on.. I did however get an A on my nursing quiz. Cool, right? 

Wednesday: WORST DAY EVER. So I woke up to a very sick kitten, however I had to go to school because I had to take a test in Ethics (Which, I'm pretty sure I failed.. I was too busy worrying about my kitten!), I got a hold of my dad and he said he'd take me and Walter to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital since our vet is open on Wednesday. What a mess, I tell you!  So, we took him there, they looked at my baby and gave him x-rays, which apparently are not cheap. I feel that since I consider these animals my children.. they should totally be on my medical insurance right? Anyways, they decided to keep him over night, and they said at the minimum this whole thing would be 400 dollars, but it could possibly end up being 600.. WHAT? Thankfully, my dad was there and paid the 400 deposit because I'm broke as a joke. 

Thursday: On Thursday, my mom and I got to go pick up little baby Walter. He was doing better than before, but he was still sick (AKA, He is super constipated, so I got to go buy laxatives, ugh, awkward.) and he still hadn't wanted to pass the bit of metal he ate. Then they handed us another bill for a little over 200 dollars. Walter is beginning to be a very expensive kitty. So, 600 dollars later he is at my moms, where we have to watch him. Zeus misses him though :( I'm not totally sure Walter misses Zeus that much!

Also, incase ya missed it. I'm trying to raise at least part of the money my parents spent on his medical bills. Any blogger that literally donates ANYTHING, will get free ad space from me, twitter shout outs, and comments on anything new you post!  

I will also love you forever even if you shared the link on twitter or anything.

Here is the link to the donation site! Thanks in advance! 

awww, look how cute!

Friday: Friday was Valentines day! Yayy, wooo! I got Jake the best thing ever! Our bands, trombones had something called Trombone Valentines where you can get them to dress in tuxes, write a card with a box of chocolates and play a song for your Valentine. So, I did that for Jake! He was really confused, but oh well!

Jake got me a huge stuffed Sulley from Monsters Inc, which I love, an adorable card and a box of chocolates! He had to work, so we ended up going to Olive Garden super late! 

Saturday: I had to work waaay too much. I got off at 6, and got to meet up with Jake, and my good friend from the summer, Brielle! Jake went out to dinner with his Debate team, while Brielle and I went to House of Hunan and got delicious chinese food!

We also went half of candy shopping, and we both bought a pair of moccasins. We also might have drank a bottle of cheap walmart wine, when we both had get up super early in the morning.. whoopsie!

Sunday: On Sunday, I went to Jake and Brielles debate competition! My dad was judging a couple round as well. I watched Brielle do her piece, which was pretty amazing, since she only had it for a few days! Jake wouldn't let me watch him though! So I watched the rounds my dad judged, then we got lunch and he took me to work after. 

Also, at work. We had a wait for getting table and some woman told me I was rude and I shouldn't be around kids because I wouldn't let her inside. Yeah, okay. Sure. My manager thought it was funny though, so good for me! lol.

Then, I went to my parents and made barbeque chicken for dinner! 

Well, that was my week! Hope this one with way better!

The Rachael Way

Linking up, of course!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

That time a snake almost killed me.

Okay that title might be stretching the truth just a little bit.. I'm dramatic, so what did you really expect?

So this one time, in 2011. I was casually working at Cedar Point. The ride I worked at, involved you going down and cleaning part of the beach. AKA a Beach Walk. So, I kind of hate these because guests are super rude. I don't know about you, but I think it's insulting to stand there and talk about you would hate to have that persons job when they're in ear shot, or point out trash because I "missed a spot" Bottom line, it's annoying because apparently guests only think I clean the beach and have no other job. 

Well, this beach walk turned DEADLY. I'm you know, picking up trash, getting pissed off because of peoples comments. I start going the other way when I hear a guest say,


Okay, not gonna lie. I thought they were just trying to be funny. So, I ignored it as usual. Mind you, I'm deathly afraid of snakes. 

Then I hear another person warn me about a freaking snake! What? Okay. Please stop. Then, I finally heard another person and I'm like ugh where? They pointed down by my feet and low and behold there is this ugly black snake just slithering on by me. Needless to say, I wig out. I'm honestly probably a story these people tell because of how ridiculous I am.


I ran back through the door and went back to the control panel and stated I was no longer doing Beach Walks due to snakes. Then I got a nosebleed and well, I got sent to First Aid for that so YEAH. Totally almost died.

Irrelevant picture from my 2011 season.

But yeah, long story short. I'm a hot mess and I hate snakes.