Friday, April 25, 2014

BIC® 4-Color™ Pen Mania!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC 4-Color pen. All opinions are 100% mine.


I don't know about you, but I'm obssesed with color! When I'm taking notes in class, I'm always rumaging through my bag to find at least four different colors to color-code my notes... If only there was a pen that had four colors in one...  Oh wait, there is! The BIC® 4-Color™ Pen is everything I've been looking for, and more! It features 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen! Wow, why couldn't I have invented this?!

So, how can I use this wonderful pen for school? They way I use this pen is by writing the bulk of my notes in Black, if my professor tells me something that will be on an exam, I always make sure to write this information in Green, so it stands out against the bulk of my notes. If I'm given a date to make note of, I always write dates, and time periods down in Red. Now, what about Blue? If I have to hand in a written assignment, or take a test, I always write these down in Blue!

So,how can you possibly decide which color to use? Base it on your personality or how you're feeling that day!

Feeling like you're on top of the world and the most popular person in town? Go ahead and use Blue! Blue is a boss and just loves himself! Using Blue means you know you're writing something important because everything is Blue! From Cheese, to the Moon!

Feeling like a perfectionist and you must have every single thing right? Press down on Red and write away! Red is a perfectionist who likes things even, neat and most importnantly, correct. Go ahead and fix mistakes with this color!

Feeling like you want to run the world, but feel like others are getting in your way? Better press down on Black and brainstorm on your running the world plans! Remember, you're just as good looking a Blue, just in a different way!

Feeling a tinge of jealousy? They always say Greenis the color of jealousy! It doesn't always have to be that way though. Green can also be a total softie, that has a passion for food! Write you menu-planning in this color! 

Which color am I? Minus the whole jealousy thing, we all know my passion is food! I'm a total foodie so green is for me! Having trouble figuring out who you are? Follow our favorite pens on Twitter and Facebook and get to know their personalities (and get to peek at their cute spandex suits!)

I know you want to go ahead and purchase one the BIC® 4-Color™ Pen right now! Instead of actually having to get up and go outside, hop on over to Amazon or Staples to buy one of these fabulous guys! My dad actually got me and himself one of these pens when I mentioned I was writing this post, awesome, right?!

Now, here's a little fun! What happens when you spin your pen inbetween your fingers?!

Ah! I feel so bad now! I'm disrupting all of them! 

Here's what happens when you try to use two colors at once!

Okay, fess up! I know EVERYONE who has one of these has atleast tried that!

So next time you need a brand new writing utensil, please consider the amazingly fantastic BIC® 4-Color™ Pen! You will NOT regret it! There is a color in there for everyone! 

Now tell me readers, what color would you use first? Which personality are you most like? What video did you like better?





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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last week.

Howdy! I should have some pretty good posts coming at you soon! But first, I'll do last weeks wrap up!

Last week was mainly, work! 

Monday: On Monday, I had dance rehearsal! We finished it and it is just amazing! Can't wait to perform this weekend! I also went grocery shopping with mi madre, and then you know, casually made a pot roast. No biggie.

Tuesday: I worked, of course! You know you love your job when you want to go to work! I'm so happy when I'm there!

Wednesday: Errr, What did I do exactly? I think I was kind of sick if I recall. 

Thursday: We had a huge sale at work, so I had lots of fun helping out guests purchase and find what they needed! We also go free pizza, so naturally, I was pumped!

Friday: If you follow me in real life, You'll know that I officially became the owner of an absolutely gorgeous Geranium Vera Vera Tote! I'm in love with it! Of course, She was purchased on Friday, I didn't actually get her until today since she came all the way from Philly! Lets give a huge THANK YOU SO MUCH to Chris! :) I also, worked, of course! :)

Saturday: Another workday, However, I also got to go see a ballet! A local dance company did a variation of Snow White! It was amazing! One of the lead dancers actually went to the same dance school I went to when I was younger! I've actually gotten to dance in a show with her before so it was a treat getting to see her dance 10 years later! I also got a new wallet to match my new tote.. I'm obviously obsessed!

Sunday: Sunday was Easter. It was a strange Easter.. My family really didn't have anything planned, so my mom came over to my house and made my boyfriend and I some Easter Dinner. It was very delicious! After dinner, my mom and I colored some Easter eggs for her to take home to my dad. 

Thats about it! 

The Rachael Way

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful and warm day! I know I am!

Short post, I know, but I'll catch everyone up on my crazy week tomorrow! Love you all! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ten things you should do in college.

Last night, I was trying to brainstorm ideas for a post and I thought of this. What would be my ten pieces of advice for someone going to college for the first time? I also didn't want it to be lame things like, oh make sure you study instead of going out! I wanted it to be realistic, and well, fun. So here we go, maybe my 10 pieces of good (or not so good) advice for women (mainly, suppose this could work for a guy too) going into college.

1: Take a Women's Studies class.

Why? Honestly, when I took my intro class, I took it for an easy A, and to get my GPA up. But, it ended up being so much more than that. I learned that being a feminist is not something that is scary, and that we should be educating people on what being a feminist is actually about (Equality for BOTH genders, incase you honestly did not know and think that feminists are just scary man-haters) I enjoyed learning about women in history and what problems people of all gender and race are facing today. It could be an eye opening course to somebody and I feel that it is something really important for any young woman to get educated on. 

2: Pull an all-nighter with your friends.

I'm not talking about studying either. Hang out, party, snack, do whatever, until the sun comes up. Then of course, go out to breakfast afterwards. There has always been something about watching the sun rise after being up all night. Yeah, I know that no sleep isn't super healthy, but its fun to do it at least once to say you've done it.. and have a memorable night with your friends.

3: Join a club... without your friends.

Scary, I know. But, it's a great opportunity to find new friends you would have never thought of meeting that share the same interests as you. I joined the Ballroom Dance club for a hot second as a freshmen, and just the experience of trying it out was so much fun. I also joined one of my schools political clubs and got people to vote for the election! I met new people doing this and it's nice to catch up with them when you see them in the hall.

4: Take a fine arts class.

By this I mean is, take something like choir, theater, dance, and obviously, just a regular art class. Something you've always wanted to try but never got the opportunity. I've met so many girls that wanted to take ballet as a child but never got the chance til they got in college, and then they discovered they were great at it! You never know your hidden talents if you never pursue them. You might even find your calling just taking a photography class and discover that your major isn't what you wanted to do with life. 

5: Go on an unplanned night out.

Plan where you're going as you get ready,and play it by ear as the night goes on. These nights are always the far most memorable I've had in college and whenever stuff is planned, it's never lives up to the unplanned nights I had.

6: Go to a campus event.

Back when I worked on campus, I used to be on top of all of these. Some of them were so much fun! We had a luau where we got to make sunglasses, eat free food, and get these cool cups. I'm all about free stuff, so campus events are good way to do this! You can make memories at these silly little things and think of it when you see that ridiculous beer stein you decorated!

7: Go somewhere thats not home.. or campus for the summer.

Campus is the same as my home town, so spending the summer at home is the same thing. However, I think for at least one summer, it's worth it to go live somewhere else. It could be with your grandparents, your aunt and uncle, some friends, or for a summer job. I obviously went the summer job and lived in that town for the summer, which was life changing. I made so many more life long friends by doing this and turns out, some of them go to my school! 

8: Go to a real college party.

Go at least once! It's fun, and you can talk about it for years to come. Even if it's a bad experience, it's an experience every college student should have!

9: Go see one of your schools sports team play!

I hate sports, but going to live events is fun! Even though I usually have no idea what is going on during them, I think it's a great time to show your school spirit!

10: Challenge your self to do something out side of your comfort zone.

Does eating sushi sound like something terrible that you would never want to do? Does learning to play an instrument sound unbearable? Does going to that frat party just sound awful? Do it anyways! You never know what you might regret later on that you easily could have done when you were in school. You might find something that sounded scary, is actually super fun!

Well, thats all the great and questionable advice I have today! What is your advice to any incoming college student? 

Monday, April 14, 2014

well, here ya go.

Guys, I really do not have an exciting life. 

I think that is where my lack of blogging has come from in the past month. But, I'll get better.

Here's my wrap up..

Monday: Uhh, uh, uh. My mom's car broke down so we had to sit in the rain waiting for a tow truck. SUPER FUN TIME. Then, after I went to dance rehearsal and took a test in Psych. Boring dayyyy.

Tuesday: So on Tuesday, I'm pretty sure all I did was go to work. Which, I don't mind because I love my job, but that had to of been all I did. 

Moving on..

Wednesday: On Wednesday, Jake's car (used to be mine, but it's cool), decided it didn't want to start. I need to write a post just about what this car has put me through in the past year but thats a different, non lazy day. So we took it to the shop, and waited for Papa K (aka my dad) to come get us. In the mean time, I bought snacks there and the really exciting part was the vending machine was super cheap and pleased my inner fatty. 

After the car fiasco, we borrowed my mom's car, grabbed Jake's brother who was staying with us, and went to the mall. I went to my job since I obviously had to buy stuff. I got a laptop tote, a new purse, and a luggage tag. I'm an addict.

Later on, Jake's speech and debate team had a little show thing going on that I went to watch. Everybody was so good! After wards, Jake, my dad and I went out for drinks. I tried something called a gummy bear and it is probably my new favorite.

Thursday: This was a work day. I also got my tax return so it ended up being a, Kat spends a shit ton of money at Vera. I ended up buying this cute straw hat for my mom, a throw, a large cosmetic bag, a straighten and curl, earrings... Things I didn't need but just had to have. I'm not mad about it though. 

Friday: I got paid, so it was just another excuse to buy more stuff I shouldn't. I got a mini cooler for all the road trips I'm taking this summer, along with some new headbands and a tumbler. I got my mom a purse that was on sale, with a new id holder and lanyard she can use at work. After work, my mom took Jake and I out to dinner at Olive Garden which is pretty much always a good idea. They had that great deal where you can get one meal, and then take one home for later. Yum!

Saturday: I worked Saturday morning, and then hung out with my friends for the rest of the night. We stopped by a couple of parties, then headed home since I had to work early in the morning.

Sunday: I went to lunch with my dad, worked for a couple of hours, and then went to my tech rehearsal for SID. I had fun, but it was an exhausting day and I went to bed super early and cuddled with my cat after shoving my face with bdubs.

My unrelated cat picture of course! 

The Rachael Way

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why band camp SUCKS.

Obviously, I was a band kid and in marching band through out High School. Now, whenever I tell somebody new about this they kind of giggle and ask me about band camp.

I'm going to be honest with y'al. Band Camp SUCKS.

Maybe I was just deprived at Band Camp, and other people had really great ones but no. mine sucked. 

Now get prepared to laugh, because you get to see the ridiculousness that is me, and that is band camp. With my commentary.

This is me suffering at Woodwind sectionals. I might have a smile on my face, but whatever is going on with my hair can tell you otherwise.

So thing number one that sucked about band camp... It was freaking humid and hot and made my hair look like crap. 

This is the rookie trash line. 

Number two: Being a rookie. It was so stupid and has hazing all over it. Basically you got matched up with a senior and they would make you dress in stupid costumes, do stupid dance routines, do air raids, this stupid trash line, clean up other peoples stuff... DUMB.


Number three: This food? Is this food? No.. It's not. The food sucked beyond belief and they confiscated my George Foreman so yeah, almost 7 years later and I'm STILL salty about it. 

This. My tan lines. That pool. 

Number four: The pool was really gross. It was like green, and they expected us to go swimming in it.. Yeah, no. There were always frogs by it that you know, jumped at me so that sucked. 

This was me my rookie year. Dressed as a skanky santa I guess. But the rooms were awful!

Number five: The poor excuse for a summer camp we stayed at. It was ugly, crawling with bugs I had never seen before, I did not trust the showers, The rooms were musty... all together.. NOT OKAY.

Maybe I'm just pampered but I'm just not cut out for a week in the middle of nowhere playing the flute or spinning a flag..

I figured I'd throw in some Guard and Band Uniform pics in this business! 

Well yeah, I hate band camp, okay bye! :) 

Monday, April 7, 2014

I MET VERA BRADLEY'S DAUGHTER (aka the weekly wrap up!)

The biggest shocker of this week is that.. I actually did some cool things!!!!

Also.. I got 145 minutes for the 1800 minute challenge today! 

Monday night I went to my friends birthday get together! We had so much fun! :)

I also finally got a Weekender! The print is called Citron, and I'm kinda sorta obsessed with it!

Tuesday through Thursday were not as exciting as all I did was work... But I love my new job so that was more than okay! I did get to go to Applebees on Wednesday and got a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and some yummy barbeque chicken tenders! 

Friday night, I went to my schools dance company dance concert with my friend Jackie! It was pretty good, even though we did have to leave early. After the concert, we went to Bricco, which is an italian restaurant in the Akron area. The food was delicious and their drinks are so pretty! They have a pretty international range and their martinis look delicious! Can't wait til I'm 21 so I can indulge! 

On Saturday, I went to work for the majority of the day, and then Rachael from The Rachael Way came over for a sleepover! We first made dinner which was honestly a pretty random assortment consisting of Tacos, Kung Pao Chicken and Buffalo Chicken rice! It was delicious though! Then my boyfriend came up with the idea of us going to see the new Captain America movie! To use Rachaels word.. it was bucky. In more than one way.... since there was a character named Bucky! Chris Evans (Captain America, himself) was always super good looking! So it wasn't a complete let down. My comic book nerd boyfriend (and lets get real, I'm pretty nerdy myself) both didn't really think it lived up to the hype.

Unrelated picture of Zeus and his stuffed unicorn.

Sunday was a very exciting day for Rachael and I... As you know, I work for Vera, and on Sunday we had a special event in the store... One of Vera Bradley's daughters, Joan, came to visit! Obviously, Rachael and I HAD to go meet her! We got introduced to her by my lovely manager, and she was such a sweet person! She really made me feel like I knew her for years! She even signed our bags and took pictures with us!

Later on in the day, we had lunch at First Watch.. where we basically got the exact same meal! We also went to the "classy" grocery store where we got these delicious Macarons!

The yellow one is lemon and the blue one is pineapple coconut! 

That about sums up my week for me! Yay! It was actually exciting for once! More will be coming at you next week! :)

The Rachael Way

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Goals for April

1: Have an AMAZING 21st birthday! 
2: Complete the 1800 Minute Challenge (I'm a little late but still.. 240/1800)
3: No caffeine for 24 hours.
4: Save 50 dollars.
5: Eat at Bricco.
6: See a dance concert.
7: Hang with Rachael :)
8: Make my superhero costume.
9: Work out every Saturday and Sunday.
10: See a movie in theater.
11: Only spend 100 dollars at Target (Stuff I don't need, necessities or gifts are not included)
12: Post a new recipe to the blog.
13: Try a new food.
14: Go out.
15: Get a tote from Vera.
16: Get or give myself a manicure.
17: Get a haircut.
18: Blog everyday for a week.
19: Update Kat's Nailing It!
20: Get a new phone case.
21: Schedule my classes!
22: Make beer cheese.
23: Try a new restaurant.
24: Buy some new work clothes.
25: Stop skipping classes.
26: Try to limit my spending at Vera
27: Actually quit my other job.. lol
28: Hang with a friend I haven't seen for awhile.
29: Bake some homemade cookies
30: Get my CF Platinum Pass! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pineapple SKILLZ.

Monday night, I went to my bestie Kara's 22nd birthday get together! It was pretty fantastic and most of the night can be told in pictures.