Sunday, January 12, 2014

December 2013 Ipsy Bag Review!

As usual, I am late with making posts I promised I would do. However, get excited because here is the month old Ipsy bag review!

What's Ipsy? Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that sends you a cute little make up bag stuffed with all sorts of goodies! Most of the products are full sized and a higher end product! The best part is it only will cost you ten dollars a month! Ipsy also has a rewards system, so if you are interested, please use my link to sign up to get on the waiting list ( I opted to let them post on my facebook to get off it immediately! They don't post a whole lot, so I think this option is worth it.) My link is right here! If you don't wanna give me some bonus points, go ahead and go straight to the website!

This months theme was Celebration! It came in a cute little black makeup bag. I was excited to get such a cute bag for my first month subscribing! 

My bag came with a make up brush, nail polish, eyeshadow, lip pencil, and a blush/lip combo stick.

The lip pencil is by J. Cat.  I obviously love it already just because of the name. I haven't actually used the color yet, but I know I will. Who doesn't love red lips?

I got a pop beauty eyeshadow trio! These are pretty much my favorite colors for eyeshadow for everyday use. I've used this one a couple times and I'm really liking it! The shadows have a very nice pigment to them.

This is a textured nailpolish by Julie. It's very purple and sparkly! I swatched it a little bit and really like the color, so I'm going to have to do a full mani/pedi in it some day!

Be a Bombshell in Girl Crush! This is a very versatile stick! It says you can use it for blush and as lip color too! I used it on my lips ones and it was a very nice light pink. 

I actually didn't take many pictures of the makeup brush, but it's made out of metal and it seems well made. I can't remember the brand for the life of me, but it's gotten some use from me so far!

I'd have to say that I LOVED my first Ipsy bag! I think it's a great value, and everything in it was something I would get use out of! I love that it's showing me new brands to purchase in the future. I think I'm going to keep this subscription going as long as it passes the three month test of approval!


  1. This looks great- I'm SO excited to join Ipsy when my no spend month is over! xo

    1. I'm so excited when you do! :) The make up bags you get with it are SO cute too!