Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kat Reviews Stuff : Vitabath Body Wash and Lotion

As you should know, I'm a shopaholic. One of my favorite things is to go crazy in stores like Ulta, Bath and Bodyworks, Target etc.. I usually buy beauty products when I do go shopping like this, because I just love trying everything! I hate running out of body wash, so I make sure I always have a back up ( Okay, like 20 back ups). I'm going to start a weekly post where I write and review products. I have A LOT of them so, hopefully you guys enjoy and I influence you to go buy some stuff I like! 

Vitabath is a skin care and fragrance brand. They have many different types of products ranging from body wash and lotion to bar soap and body sprays. These come in many different scents. I've seen Vitabath mostly at Ulta, but I'm sure its available at more places. A good thing about Vitabath is that it is sulfate and paraben free! It's body was is also incredibly moisturizing. Apparently, the revitalized the brand in 2011 to adhere to these things. Vitabath has been around for awhile, my mom actually used it when she was younger and she is the one who actually bought it for me! 

My mom gave me a couple sample packets for the body wash and I was hooked on the scent! I'm very into fresh scents and Vitabath Original Spring Green definitely does the trick! My biggest complaint about most body wash is that, it smells great in the bottle, but the smell doesn't always last on your skin. When I just used the small sample of Vitabath, it not only made me smell great after my shower, it also left my bathroom smelling fresh since the smell transferred to the towel I dried off with and the bath sponge I used. 

For Christmas, I got a duo pack of Vitabath Original Spring Green Body Gelee and Lotion. Basically just shower gel and lotion in two generous sized bottles. It also included a shower poof! The scent is so strong you could smell it though the plastic wrapping! Spring Green just makes me happy whenever I smell it and leaves me refreshed after I used the shower. Spring Green is included in the Vitabath Classic Line which has four scents in its line. 

Another thing I personally like about Vitabath is that I have very sensitive skin, I tend to get splotchy after using most body washes and lotions. Vitabath doesn't do this to me!  

Vitabath also lasts a long time! You don't need a whole lot of it to be able to wash your whole body! I think that's a good thing because Vitabath is kind of on the pricey side for the scent I like (The classic line is more expensive then the Fragrance collection) so I like to make it last!

I mentioned before that a lot of lotions bother my skin, this lotion does not! It leaves a pleasant scent on your skin and moisturizes immensely. 

You can buy 10.5 OZ of Vitabath Classic Original Spring Green shower gel for about $18 at Ulta. You can buy the lotion for 20 oz for $18 as well at Ulta. If you want to try the fragrance line, those scents run for about 7.99 a bottle. I haven't tried those yet, but I think I might go pick a bottle up next time I'm at Ulta!

If you want a great body product, that smells great and leaves you feeling clean and fresh, Vitabath is the way to go! 

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  1. Hello Kat,
    Since your wrote this in January, 2014, the Vitabath Company has changed the formula and the product is inferior and worthless. Might I suggest you sample what Vitabath is manufacturing now and I'm sure you will feel the same.