Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my foot hurts, so i'm blogging.

Well, as you know. I effed up my foot about two weeks ago. I'm amazed it's been that long and it's literally still hurting. I'm honestly broke, so I have to wait until after I get paid next to go for my follow up appointment. Broke college kid probs. :/

I was super worried that I would have to end up getting cortisone injections in my foot. But, I consulted Dr. Google, and she said that usually doctors wont do that for my type of injury. I guess that's good, but to be quite honest, I'm not even sure which tendon I messed up. BLAH.

In other news, I'm really digging the #yesallwomen on Twitter! I've been getting lots of fave's and retweets from women and men around the world! It's not a secret I'm a feminist. I'm not sure why people view that as a bad thing, or something to hide. Being a feminist means I believe in equal rights for BOTH genders. Trust me, not a man hater over here! I'm kinda shocked I haven't gotten a negative reply on anything I've had to say. I guess it's story time about one of my #yesallwomen tweets.

When I was a little bit younger, probably around 13,14ish. Hanging out in the front yard or walking to the local park was the fun thing to do! However, it was not fun being catcalled from random men in cars. Uh, hello? I'm BARELY a teenager. It's NOT okay for someone to lean out of the window and say "What up sexy" or "Looking good babe!" to anyone! This led to me being scared to walk anywhere by my self. I was scared that I would be abducted and raped if I wasn't with someone else. My parents would drive my friends home who lived down the street, which mind you I grew up in a pretty suburban area. This is rape culture. The fact I've always been told that I need to be walking in a group, instead of walking somewhere by my self. The fact I cant go for a jog (Okay, not like I can run on my foot currently, but you get the point) in my current neighborhood without my roommates and boyfriend being worried sick about me. I think all women can relate to this. 

To be honest, I kind of suck at writing feminist posts, but I think everyone gets the point that I'm trying to put across. I just want to live in a world where women can feel safe to go somewhere by themselves, and be able to tell a man no with out being called a crazy bitch. Is that too much to ask for?

Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi everyone! I'm currently looking for a couple guest posters for next weekend! Please email me, or comment here if you're interested! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

that confession post.

I love posting my weekly not-so-scandalous confessions! Linking up with Kathy from Vodka and Soda for her humpday confessions! 

Weekly Confessions as told by She's the Man Gifs.

Can I be medically lazy? Since I hurt my tendon, I've literally been in bed all day. I managed to go with my dad to get my prescription and grocery shopping. Jake even took me to lunch one day, but I mostly bitched and wanted to go home and lay down and play the sims. I actually have to work tonight and I'm kinda sorta really nervous about that because uh hello, last time I was there I was crying because of the pain I was in. My life. Literally haven't been outside since probably Sunday. 

I've been getting pretty excited for just about any contact with the outside world. Hell, I wasn't even mad about a prank phone call the other day.. but in other words.. WHO THE HELL STILL PRANK CALLS PEOPLE? They pretended to be a person who's car I hit which I was like uh, my ass doesn't even have a car. How would this work? Try harder next time!

There are a LOT of trashy bloggers. Like oh my goodness. Leave it to me to find these whacky people. Thankfully nobody I usually read or people that my blog friends read but holy crap. These people literally put everything and anything out there. The crazy thing is, these people will post something outrageous, basically going against all common sense possible, and then someone will call them out on it, and then all their followers will defend them to the death. WHAT?

I'm going on a trip next weekend! I'm so pumped!!! Even though it's only to Indiana, I'm still traveling quite a bit this summer! It'll be great! :)

X-Men comes out tomorrow! So this brings me to a hard question? Do I spend my money on the movies, or do I spend my money going out with some friends? I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons here. Hugh Jackman is basically pulling me in the whole x-men direction, even though he is not my current celebrity crush. But whatever, he may be like 22 years older than me but doesn't matter. Still attractive. (Look at me just talking about trashy bloggers and then I go and get trashy..figures)

So if we don't know this doozy already, I'm TERRIFIED of snakes. This girl I had to unfollow on Insta kept posting pictures of them. UGH. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Last but not least, I cant stand when people that you know in real life change their online persona so much. I like when people keep it real as they do in person like my girl Rachael. I happened upon a girl from high schools blog and the stuff she says is so beyond what actually goes on in homegirls life. It's comical. Maybe it's meant to be written that way, I don't know but please. People will like you for who you are, not whatever you're trying to be on the interwebs.

That's all folks. Did I get out of line? Probs, but oh well!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Drinks to order when you're freshly 21 and confused as hell.

I'd be lightweight shocked if most of y'all who know me didn't know I just turned 21. 21 has been pretty fun so far, I get to actually order all the fun drinks you see on menus at restaurants and I actually get to make them! (Bartender in training! wooo!) So, my biggest struggle has been ordering a drink at the bar and not sound like a total dumb ass. This is pretty much the roughest part for me when I go out. I hate looking like a rookie and always ordering a Long Island (even though, they totally rock but lead to rough decisions). I was practically sweating when I had to actually pick a drink to order! My first legal drink was a Blackberry Mojito! It was delicious!


I guess I'll start with a Long Island Iced Tea. These girls are basically lethal. They contain all major drink groups (Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec and Gin) with sour mix and a splash of coke. Delicious, yes. Deadly, yes as well. These are an easy drink to order when you first start going out. Not nerve wracking in the least bit, and will get you pretty wastey-wastey. You'll look a little rookieish, but who honestly cares. 

However, if you want to be a little more unique but get just as crazy, order a Blue Long Island (Also known as a Blue M*****F*****, I was SO confused when someone ordered THAT one) Blue Long Islands have Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, topped off with Blue Curacao and a splash of sour mix! They are also pretty! Fun drink to order! Some people dont use the sour mix, but I do so yeah. 

Another easy to order is a Sex on the Beach, which has Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice! Pretty delicious, easy to drink, and summery! 

Cosmopolitan. Anybody who has watched Sex in the City knows what a Cosmo is. If not, It's Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice and Lime Juice. Now, I love Cosmo's but I rarely get them if I go out since I hate carrying around martini glasses in a crowded bar. If I do order one, I get it on the rocks! You could also get a Blue Cosmo, since we know blue drinks are the prettiest! Blue Cosmos get Vodka, Lime Juice, Blue Curacao, and White Cranberry Juice!

A Cuba Libre is also a rather simple drink. Coke, Lime Juice and White Rum! It's sibling is just a simple Rum and Coke, which is exactly what it sounds like! Really really easy to order and to make! Not nerve wracking at all!

For you guys who like shots...

Cherry Bombs. Cherry Vodka, Red Bull and a little Grenadine!

Lemon Drop. Citrus Vodka with Lemon Juice with a Sugared Rim. Strong as HELL. 

Kamikaze Shot. Vodka, Triple Sec, and Lime Juice.

Melon Ball. Melon Liqueur, Vodka and Pineapple Juice. 

Thats about all I have today! I plan on posting my own drink recipes in the future since, hello! I need to make something up!

What was the first drink you ever ordered?

Monday, May 19, 2014

#Ready2Roo with Teva!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Teva. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you guys are anything like me, I know you love warm weather and sandals! Sometimes it's hard to find that perfect sandal that you can walk around for hours in and not have sore feet at the end of the day. For all you people out there who have summer plans that include music festivals like Bonnaroo... I found your solution! Teva Sandals! These sandals are super stylish, not to mention comfortable! Perfect for a long day walking around listening to some of your favorite bands! 
Teva Sandals have been around since 1984! So you know a brand thats been around that long can for sure be trusted! You can go anywhere, and do anything with this brand of footwear. These versatile sandals come in many different styles and colors! 
For you music festival goers, I know Bonnaroo is like the holy grail of music festivals. Make sure to grab a pair of Teva Sandals, because Teva is the official sponsor of Bonnaroo! Cool, right? Even if you can't make Bonnaroo this year, these would work perfectly for any music festival this summer! My favorite color is Blue Jewel! 

Aren't those cute?! If you're looking to purchase a pair of Teva Sandals, please head over to Zappos! You can find many cute colors and styles that fit anybody's taste! 
I think my best suggestions for any music festivals for this summer are:

Grab a pair of comfy shoes (Teva, duh!)
Drink lots and lots of water!
Bring a small camera to document your memories!

What kind of festival tips do you have? Be sure and comment on my blog, and share them on Twitter with the hashtag #Ready2Roo! You'll find even more tips from seasoned festival goers! Another great place for more Bonnaroo info is The Fountain! You'll find even more tips and tricks there! 

Make the most of your time at music festivals this summer! Grab a couple of friends, head to Zappos and order your new Teva sandals, then drive down to Bonnaroo for the best music festival this summer! You won't regret it! 

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

My hospital trip.

I've actually been rather exciting lately! This week, I plan on posting about what I did in Pennsylvania, and my mini trip to Cedar Point! At the end of the month, I'm making a trip to Santa Claus, Indiana to go to Holiday World! Super excited!

Anyways, When theres good stuff in my life, theres always something sucky. This suckiness isn't end of the world but more like annoying pain in the ass suckiness. 

So, I was at work Friday, you know, selling things, being a boss. The usual. I'm just standing there an all of a sudden. I get something that feels like a cramp in my foot. Well, being a dancer for over 10 years, this didn't really shock me. I tried stretching it out with no luck. I still had pain. So I shrugged it off and it didn't bother me too much.

Fast forward to when I went to my second job. I kept trying to stretch it out and what not because well, if it didn't work the first 80 times, why not the 81st time? Eventually, I texted my dad and asked him to bring me my ace bandage to wrap it on up. I did that and it felt better for a little bit. But after awhile I just started limping and couldn't put any weight on it whatsoever. I eventually got to the point where I was crying and wrapping silverware. I'm literally a hot mess. So, I got sent home because I couldn't handle my foot hurting anymore.

The next morning, my dad said he'd bring me some ice and some ibeprofen and check out my foot. Boyfriend already looked at it, and wasn't totally sure what was going on because I pretty much had no swelling. My dad comes over and is worried I have a stress fracture so he basically made me go to the Emergency Room. 

See, I was just planning on calling my doctor but eh, I guess I had to do what he said. I get Jake to take me over to the hospital. Mind you, I can hardly walk so I'm hobbling around the ER waiting room like a crazy person while Jake tells the nurse what is up with little miss crazy. ER nurse makes me sit down, so I do. Apparently, I was pretty high priority because I got called before most of the people that were waiting. I even got wheeled back in a wheel chair. 

Then Doogie Howser is pretty much my attending. Homegirl looked no older than I was! She poked my foot for a bit and figured out that no, I do not have a stress fracture. I have tendinitis. So, she gave me a shot of some numbing stuff in my tendon, which hurt really bad, gave me a script and sent me on my way.

Obvs had to take a hospital selfie, cuz if I didn't.. did it really happen?

Now, I'm just chilling and resting. I can't really walk on my foot still, but it feels better. I have a meeting at work tonight so hopefully that involves more sitting than standing.

Hope everything is well for y'all!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

confesh sesh

Managed to find some wifi y'all, so here is me, writing at 2AM, linking up with Kathy from Vodka and Soda My life right?

Ah alright, so first things first.

Kat's Confesh Sesh as told by Arrested Development GIFS.

I'M GOING TO CALIFORNIA THIS SUMMER! I'm so freaking excited about it! I haven't been since 2011! I'm bringing the boo so now I have an excuse to do touristy things I haven't gotten to do in forever! (Note: My family lives out in CA, so I've been visiting my whole life! It's kind of my second home!) So, it brings me to this. Last time I was in LA, I was a baby (by baby I mean 18..) so I need a list of good bars and nightlife to go to! I'm pathetic but hey, it would be fun amirite? 

I'm staying at my friends house with my boyfriend this week (Cerise if you're reading this.. yes, your house). We're dog sitting, so it should be interesting seeing as how I'm pretty terrified of dogs! Lets forget the fact I've known this dog since I was a little girl. Me+Dogs= diaster. Thankfully Boo will be there to take care of it.


I looked at my grades and this is by far the worst semester of my life. Yeah, I feel awful about my self but I honestly had so much stuff going on outside of school this semester that led to me just having zero motivation so I have to buckle down next semester and kick some ass.

In other news, I did a DARS for the major I'm switching to and... I'll be able to graduate in about a year and half.. two years tops! Thank God! Not sure why I never wanted to go to Art School in the first place but this is a GOOD idea on my part. Bye bye Nursing school! Hello being poor (But actually enjoying life!)

I got another job last week! Yours truly is now bartending! How exciting right?! Ready to make some money for my upcoming trip to Indiana at the end of the month.. yay!

I'm also really not feeling this whole pants thing this week..except I have to wear jeans because every single pair of yoga pants I own have gone MIA. WHYYYYYYYYYY.

I also feel like all I've done this week is shove my face with food. Oh well, I love food but ughhhh my thighs are not loving it at the moment. 

So turning 21 has literally made me just want to go out and party a lot. I think I'm just excited to get carded. I literally bought a bottle of 3 dollar vodka that you should probs only ever use to make crappy jello shots just to buy vodka on my 21st. Now I gotta make something with that...

Anyways, It's totally bed time for me! Love y'all! I'm about to pass out!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Expectations vs. Reality of Finals

I have a special treat for you today! Amelia from BittyTidbits is guest posting today! Take a break from studying and laugh a little! I know I did! :)

Hey guys! I’m Amelia Leone (obviously not Kat) of BittyTidbits, your guest poster for the day.

It’s finals week...and that pretty much explains how I feel about it. While I am not yet in college, I completely understand people’s dread of exams. For high schoolers, last week and this week are AP Exam Weeks. And guess who took five AP classes? :l let’s just say the past month has been a mix of caffeinated highs and zombie-like lows.

So here are some expectations vs. reality of college finals! (My oh my, I just love helping people procrastinate, don’t I?)

Study Groups
Expectation: “This will really help me prepare for the exam!”
Reality: "I'll just invite a few extra people..."


Staying organized
Expectation: "I’m going to basically be the Mary Poppins of the binder world."

Sleeping early
Expectation:”I’m going to get so much sleep.”


Eating healthy brain food

Studying throughout the month
Expectation: Long-term studying > short-term studying
Reality: “I’d much rather go to Chipotle. I’ll study later.”


The morning of the day of the exam
Expectation: "I'm ready!"


Reality: You look like a zombie from The Walking Dead

When you see the exam for the first time…




When you finish the exam…




No matter what happens, remember it happens for a reason. And you probably should be studying right now so get to it. Write some index cards or something! You got this in the bag

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rebecca's 10 Ways To End A Date

Hey guys! Today I'm going out of town to visit relatives... in the mean time you get to hear, I mean read great words of advice from the lovely Rebecca from RebeccaChapman.com! Her and her hubby are so adorable!!! :) Enjoy! 

Rebecca’s 10 Ways To End A Date

Hello, Kat’s friends, fans, and stalkers.  My name is Rebecca and I’m taking over today while Kat is out of town, hopefully somewhere warm and fabulous.  I blog over at rebeccachapman.com where I usually talk about how adorable my husband is (can you tell that I’m newly married?!) I also like to brag about our three furry children.

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to get out of a horrible date.  You see, us ladies have gabbed too much about that whole plan of getting a friend to call you with some emergency and now the men are on to us.  Before I met Hubby, I had some pretty spectacularly awful dates, and I learned a few techniques to end them in record time.  Sometimes you’d rather get home to episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on your DVR than be with an awkward date. No shame in that. I call my tricks, Rebecca’s 10 Ways To End A Date.

1.  Pull a notebook full of baby names out of your purse and ask him to choose his top three.

2.  Show him a picture of your ex-boyfriend and say, “this is what he looked like before he accidentally ran into my knife.”

3. Ask him if he wants to feel how smooth your legs are since this is the first time you’ve shaved them all year.

4.  Proceed to tell him all 10 of your cats’ names and then make him recite them back to you.  

5.  First thing, hand him a stack of waivers for him to sign to allow you to write a tell-all book if the two of you ever break up.

6.  Give him a calendar with the days your menstrual cycles starts and the days they end circled every month for the next year.

7. Go to Pintrest on your phone and show him your wedding board.  Asks if he likes the tux you’ve picked out for him.

8. Ask him for his family medical history and tell him it’s to make sure he’s a viable candidate for reproducing

9. Asks him if he has a brother and whether or not his brother is cuter than he is because you like to keep your options open.

10.  Tell him that you need to run his credit before the date begins dating you is expensive.

I hope these tips help you the next time you are on a date that you want to end immediately.  Stop by my site to say hello.  I’d love to talk to you and hear other ideas you have for getting out of bad dates. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.