Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kat Cooks: Oreo Cupcakes!

I was browsing that Pinterest website, when I saw a really yummy cupcake! It looked wonderful, like an Oreo! I kept thinking about this cupcake when I went grocery shopping later on, but... I forgot what ingredients I needed! So, I took a couple guesses and made up my own.

What You Need:

White Cake Mix ( Get whatever ingredients this calls for!)

Oreo Cookies ( You can also get the off brand..)

Vanilla Icing

Cupcake Holders

You're first going to follow the directions on the back of the cake mix. Make sure and preheat the oven at this point! After everything in your mixing bowl is all mixed up, go ahead and crush up some Oreo Cookies in the batter! I crushed up about 8 cookies, and that was enough for 24 cupcakes! 

Now, you're going to place the cupcake wrapper holder things in your cupcake pan. After thats all done, place a whole cookie in each cupcake holder. Yup, a whole cookie in each one! After thats all done, go ahead and scoop some batter into each holder, like you would when you make cupcakes normally.

Let them cook for as long as the mix calls for. While you're bored and waiting for that, you can make the frosting! Get all of the frosting out of that little container and put it in a mixing bowl. I used my moms stand mixer because I think it's a little easier, but you can probably do a hand mixer. Crush up some oreos and throw it in with the frosting, then mix it with the mixer.

After the cupcakes are all done and cooled, place some frosting on top of them, and BAM! You have Oreo Cupcakes!

Yay! Have fun, and go ahead and add your own twist to it! I feel like this is probably easier than whatever the Pinterest recipe was!


  1. Those sound so good! But I wouldn't be able to do it! Lol. Too much Oreo for me :(

  2. Yayyy so glad you decided to post this!! I definitely want to try it!! :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush