Friday, February 21, 2014

shows i probably should tell y'all to watch

Well, I've been lazy like no other and me being lazy for 20 some years and the invention of steaming Netflix and really good dvd sales at Target have probably been the highlights looking back at everything. I'm one of those people who will chain-watch a series till it's over and then bitch that I have nothing to watch. WELL. If you need something new to watch, and trust me I have all sorts of genres for everybody, HERE YA GO.


Pretty much the best medical show ever. Also, fun fact: My nursing teacher thinks I'm all studious but REALLY, I'm just saying stuff I learned from watching House. HAHAHA, what is my life? My human bio teacher in high school would also get bored and have us watch House instead. But yeah, go watch it. Trust me, there are like 8 seasons, so it'll keep you entertained. Sadly, this isn't on Netflix, but I always found good deals on the seasons at Target. 


Futurama is hilarious. It was also another show my high school Human Bio teacher would make us watch when he didn't want to teach. Not sure how it related to anything in the least bit, but eh whatever, I wasn't complaining. The characters are funny, and the show often parodies sci fi movies, shows, or even some pop culture going on. This is on that lovely streaming service of Netflix, so go click on over and watch. 


If you like love stories, you'll love this show. It's cute, and not mention hilarious. However, not gonna lie, I can never manage to catch it when it's actually on TV so I just wait for everything to be on Netflix. Plus, hello? Neil Patrick Harris. Once, I posted a picture of him and his family on Facebook and like, a million people liked it. 


Haha, I just love geek and nerd culture. This show is the best. I never manage to not find it funny. Everyone has their favorite character, and I dunno, sometimes you learn something about science. Cool, right? Plus, watching all the guys on it make me feel slightly less socially awkward. Not on Netflix, so just go to Target!!!!!


Oooh, yeah. Got a little dark up in here. Dexter was a pretty fantastic show. It's pretty dark, but I mean, it has its humorous moments as well. Plus, I think Deb is the only person who can give me a run for money when it comes to swearing (which, I've really tried to stop doing on here, now twitter is a whole other story...) But yeah, first four seasons are great, five is decent, six is interesting, seven should be a victim of Dexter, and eight was great till the end. Plus, I think that Dexter quote up there is all nice and up lifting. Netflix finally put all the seasons up, so go, watch! 


Psych is really funny, and is a good crime show. Now, dont get me wrong, Law and Order: SVU will probably always win, but still. Psych is actually in it's last season now, so that kind of sad because almost every show I like gets cancelled, but anyways hop over to Netflix, cuz I think it's still on there.

Well, that's all for now! Hope I helped y'all find something to watch to pass the time or something. I dunno. Today's been weird.


  1. oh how i love big bang theory. Esp Sheldon. and that pic of him and the cats in the episode where he says "Zazzy" is hilarious. i wanna watch from season 1 to so on of it. for now i'm watching heartland. and i'm on season 3. and there's 7 episodes.