Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm the kind of girl..

I'm the kind of girl...

- that tries to save orphaned animals (that poor mommy-less baby bunny!)

- that cares way too much if someone doesn't text me back

- that still cares about the drama at my old job

- who gets a emotional watching the olympics

- that loves thunder storms.

- who treats her cats like her own children

- that a kitten could make a bad day good for her.

-who loves food

- who constantly wants to be the best at something

- who is really dramatic sometimes

- who can be a super hot mess

- who has the best friends in the world

- who you can talk to about anything with out her finding it awkward

- who is obsessed with target

- who wishes she was really involved in a sport

- who want's to travel the world but cant afford it


  1. I LOVE animals! Perhaps more than people... #notsorry

  2. You know I still care about all the drama, too ;) haha.

  3. I literally cried when one the the figure skaters fell during his performance. I don't even remember what country he was competing for but for some reason I took it very personally lol