Wednesday, February 12, 2014

That time I went to Hershey Park.

Hello, everybody! As you all know, I'm a big thrill seeker! I just love amusement parks! The atmosphere, the rides, the food.. EVERYTHING! Hell, I even worked in one for three years! While, you probably wont see me clearing trains ever again ( Okay, maybe, but not anytime soon) 

Theres me, standing on top of my rides lift with Bev. Fun, fun.

Anyways, back to the point of this. I love traveling to other amusement parks! It's so much fun! I usually kind of make it the point behind any little road trip I ever plan! So last Fall, my bestie Chris and his brother came up to closing weekend of Cedar Point. That was basically the highlight of that weekend! I was really disappointed since I never got to really travel to any parks that summer, besides Kings Island down in Cincy, and I had heard that Hershey Park, one of the parks I had been wanting to go to since, I don't know, forever, was still open for the next weekend! I proposed the idea to Chris to see if we wanted to make a trip out of it, and he totally was down! 

Now Hershey, is about 4 and half hours away from me. So, the boyfriend, Jake, and I packed up the car one Saturday morning and headed across the glorious commonwealth of Pennsylvania to go to an amusement park! Chris got to meet us there since he's lucky and is only like.. an hour away. Honestly, the drive was a lot of fun! For some reason, the drive is always the best park of the trip (Okay, okay, besides the actual amusement park) and we kept making jokes, and just had a good time. 

Eventually, we made it to good ole Hershey, PA. We headed to a local grocery store to buy discount tickets. Hershey park actually has really cheap admission prices to begin with! I think I only spent about thirty dollars on a ticket. So much better compared to other parks! Even the parking was cheap! Ahhhhh! I was already in love!

I had been obsessing over getting here the whole time and I was so excited! Hershey also was really cute and totally themed everything for Halloween! They even change the names of the rides to "spookier" names!

Look, I was almost too short. Ohhh, #shortgirlprobs.

It almost rained, but then it didn't! 

Scaredy Cat, AKA Wild Cat, AKA DEATH KITTY, Hurt like no other!!! 

I also really liked that the food at Hershey, not only included your main dish, but a side and a drink as well! Isn't that neat? I think Hershey is a great road-trip opportunity to a really cute little park! I want to see what it's like over the summer! 

So if you want to plan a cute little trip, consider Hershey Park! :)


  1. I love EVERYTHING about this. I go/went to school 45 minutes from here! Weis grocery stores? The epitome of central PA!!!

  2. So jealous! I always wanted to go! If you ever get a chance to visit Carowinds/Kings Dominion, you will love them! :)

  3. This looks like so much fun! I'd love to go!! Haha, I can't believe you were almost too short. How tall are you?

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush