Monday, February 17, 2014

last week

Not gonna lie, after my super boring week last week... I was kind of determined to make this one fun. Now, this week kinda sorta was bucky.

Monday: Ugh, what did I do on Monday? Oh yeah! We had this ALL day long Choir Retreat. I got free pizza so I mean, that was cool. My mom also made TACOS, which if any of you know my mom, she is like, the best at making those. Yum!

Tuesday: Complete blur in whatever I actually did... moving on.. I did however get an A on my nursing quiz. Cool, right? 

Wednesday: WORST DAY EVER. So I woke up to a very sick kitten, however I had to go to school because I had to take a test in Ethics (Which, I'm pretty sure I failed.. I was too busy worrying about my kitten!), I got a hold of my dad and he said he'd take me and Walter to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital since our vet is open on Wednesday. What a mess, I tell you!  So, we took him there, they looked at my baby and gave him x-rays, which apparently are not cheap. I feel that since I consider these animals my children.. they should totally be on my medical insurance right? Anyways, they decided to keep him over night, and they said at the minimum this whole thing would be 400 dollars, but it could possibly end up being 600.. WHAT? Thankfully, my dad was there and paid the 400 deposit because I'm broke as a joke. 

Thursday: On Thursday, my mom and I got to go pick up little baby Walter. He was doing better than before, but he was still sick (AKA, He is super constipated, so I got to go buy laxatives, ugh, awkward.) and he still hadn't wanted to pass the bit of metal he ate. Then they handed us another bill for a little over 200 dollars. Walter is beginning to be a very expensive kitty. So, 600 dollars later he is at my moms, where we have to watch him. Zeus misses him though :( I'm not totally sure Walter misses Zeus that much!

Also, incase ya missed it. I'm trying to raise at least part of the money my parents spent on his medical bills. Any blogger that literally donates ANYTHING, will get free ad space from me, twitter shout outs, and comments on anything new you post!  

I will also love you forever even if you shared the link on twitter or anything.

Here is the link to the donation site! Thanks in advance! 

awww, look how cute!

Friday: Friday was Valentines day! Yayy, wooo! I got Jake the best thing ever! Our bands, trombones had something called Trombone Valentines where you can get them to dress in tuxes, write a card with a box of chocolates and play a song for your Valentine. So, I did that for Jake! He was really confused, but oh well!

Jake got me a huge stuffed Sulley from Monsters Inc, which I love, an adorable card and a box of chocolates! He had to work, so we ended up going to Olive Garden super late! 

Saturday: I had to work waaay too much. I got off at 6, and got to meet up with Jake, and my good friend from the summer, Brielle! Jake went out to dinner with his Debate team, while Brielle and I went to House of Hunan and got delicious chinese food!

We also went half of candy shopping, and we both bought a pair of moccasins. We also might have drank a bottle of cheap walmart wine, when we both had get up super early in the morning.. whoopsie!

Sunday: On Sunday, I went to Jake and Brielles debate competition! My dad was judging a couple round as well. I watched Brielle do her piece, which was pretty amazing, since she only had it for a few days! Jake wouldn't let me watch him though! So I watched the rounds my dad judged, then we got lunch and he took me to work after. 

Also, at work. We had a wait for getting table and some woman told me I was rude and I shouldn't be around kids because I wouldn't let her inside. Yeah, okay. Sure. My manager thought it was funny though, so good for me! lol.

Then, I went to my parents and made barbeque chicken for dinner! 

Well, that was my week! Hope this one with way better!

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  1. I hope walter feels better soon!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I hope your cat gets better. I have been wanting to adopt a cat for years but I'm too worried it'll get sick and I won't be able to afford the bill. Pets should definitely be able to be covered under insurance :/

  3. Awww, your poor cat! (And your poor wallet!)
    The trombone playing V-Day gift is such a unique gift idea. :)

  4. Awww, so sorry about your kitty! I just went through sometime similar with my dog. It ended up costing me $1500! Why don't people tell you how expensive pets are?! Hope he's better though!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush