Monday, February 24, 2014

should be writing a paper on the russian revolution.. but this is happening instead.

Aww, yeah. Weekly wrap up time!

Monday: Almost 100% sure I did nothing besides going to school. I'm really trying to think here and absolutely nothing is popping in my head. Oh well, moving on I guess.

Tuesday: We had this day off from school instead of Monday for Presidents Day. I pretty much just slept and got Jake to get me Burger King. I also went to Target and raided the Valentines day section. I got these cute little cups for 39 cents each. I'm kinda obsessed with sippy cups because my evil cats cant knock them over and spill everything everywhere or they cant stick their little paws in my drink. Any pet owners, you should get one. Best investment ever. I also obviously bought a bunch of chocolate because yolo I guess. I don't even really eat that much chocolate but it was cheap.. I know, my life is so exciting y'all cant handle it.

Wednesday: Pretty much the same as Monday.

Thursday: I worked? Jeeze, I really must be really boring because I can think of nothing I actually did. OH, wait. I also went out to dinner with my dad, and my car got taken into the shop to you know, get a muffler on it since mine fell off at some point... #katprobs. Also had to spend the night at my moms house since we still didn't have a car.

Friday: Friday was good. Jake bought a new TV for our room and took me to Build-a-Bear. There are pictures coming soon, I promise. My dad also let Jake drive his new car around since mine still is muffler-less. I also had rehearsal that night and I got to order Chinese food! My cats decided to be little assholes and try to steal said Chinese food, so I had to put them in the bathroom, since they can spend hours in there and not get bored. Yeah, they're weird. They literally HAVE to come in whenever someone takes a shower or a bath just to play. 

Saturday: I feel like work took up a lot of Saturday and thats cool. My dad had to drop Jake off at work since lack of car and then he took me later. We also went out to lunch which was nice. I also got to talk to our family friend who is the guy who is managing the people who are fixing my car. Turns out, everything is covered by warranty from when I got the muffler replaced last spring, so YAY! Super expensive repair is ALL free. Except, it's taking forever for a certain part to arrive so no car. I also got to go out and have a couple drinks after work. I didn't get sloppy so that was really an accomplishment on my part. The pizza I got was also a major accomplishment as well.

Sunday: I pretty much went to work, went to my Moms did some laundry, made dinner for Jake and my mom then went home. My mom let us use her car so at least we can drive places now. Thats nice.


The Rachael Way


  1. Whenever I'm telling people about my week I'm like, well I go to school and then the gym, and then I blog and then I go to bed. haha. So cool ;)

  2. Darn it...I forgot to look at all the clearance V-Day stuff! That's awesome that all of your repairs are going to be free because car repairs can get so outrageously expensive!