Friday, February 7, 2014

five on friday

Happy Friday, y'all! Here are my five things!

1: I really need to do my post for my Books 'N Bloggers Swap.. I just keep forgetting to take pictures and actually do it.. but no worries! Hopefully, tomorrow?

2: I'm getting really freaking sick of being so broke. I feel like I hardly work now, and I can't live off the paychecks I've been getting. I don't want to find a new job, but I need money. 

3: I really like snow days. We had one on Wednesday and it was basically the best day ever. I love sleeping in and not worrying about school.

The snow was kind of like that.. That picture is actually from my senior year of high school when I was messing around with my new camera. 

4:  I think my cat might be more dramatic then I am. One example, if they're out of water, like bone-dry out, instead of just you know, meowing, he looks at me, licks the dry bowl, then meow like he is sighing that this water just isn't good enough. Like what? Okay, Zeus. Don't worry, I was going to fill that up. Then, he get's super sassy if I might want to sleep, but he decided my pillow is where his bed is, or if you pick him up, he'll sass right at you!  He's very talkative. Zeus is a really entertaining cat, but sassy and dramatic! 

Look at that sassy face!

5: I'm really trying to find a new, but inexpensive subscription box to try this month. I've always liked the boxes that Glossybox gives out, but I'm broke and can't afford that. Any suggestions? I'm already a subscriber of Ipsy, and Graze (I'm also resubbing to Birch Box at some point) 


  1. Hiii Kat-Kat! i just added you on my nominated list for the Liebster Award :)

    Here is the link for the requirements and the questions:



  2. I can totally relate to the being broke thing!! It's such a struggle at our age, but if you just keep doing what you love, things will fall in to place! Making a budget also really helps. I suggest! :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush