Monday, March 10, 2014

wrapping up zeus.

This week had its ups and downs that for sure. I'm hoping this week is a happy week, and it totes will be if I get this job! -fingers crossed forever-

Monday: Monday, monday, monday. I can never remember what I do on Mondays. Except, write my weekly wrap up post. I know I went out to eat with Jake and my dad, and then went shopping after.. Everything else is a blur like usual.

Tuesday: Tuesday? I stayed at home cuz I was being all sad and mopey, but I managed to get my ass up and go to work. So, I mean, I accomplished one thing. I also started my weekly link up which y'all need to link up your manicures tomorrow with me!

Wednesday: I went and got Panera Bread with my mom for lunch, then she had to go to Ash Wednesday, so I made dinner for my dad and boyfriend later on! It was quite alright! 

Thursday: Thursday night, my mom usually takes me out to dinner since my dad works late. This time she took us to Steak and Shake which was super yummy and good! 

Friday: Uhm uhm uhm, I worked? YEAH, that sounds right. Then I went over to my friends house and caught up since she is home for spring break! 

Saturday: I worked, then my mom and I went and found me a outfit for my interview! Yay Target!!! We also went to Olive Garden afterwards which was of course, magical.

Sunday: On Sunday, I also worked of course. Then Jake and I went grocery shopping! My dad also had me pick up some stuff for him which included cat food and cat litter, so I looked like the crazy cat lady that I already am and I bought 3 things of cat litter along with SO much cat food. Oh my goodness..

I also wrapped up Zeus, for the weekly wrap up!

The Rachael Way


  1. I'm hoping this week is better for ya! Love youuuu

  2. Hahaha...what a cute picture of your cat!!! I loved that you wrapped him up and shared it in your post! :D

  3. damn, i can't remember what i did yesterday, let alone the entire week!!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  4. Very cute kitten! Have a great new week, dear :)
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin?