Saturday, March 22, 2014

what i did for st. patricks day even though it's saturday and that happened monday.

Howdy! As you guys know, I wanted to celebrate St. Patricks day this year. I didn't go cray or anything, but I did get my first ever green beer (and later switched to green angry orchards cuz I couldn't handle the green beer).

My dad ended up taking my boyfriend and I out because in Ohio, you're allowed to drink in public as long as your legal guardian is there with you.. so yay bars!!!

I also got a St. Patricks day cake earlier in the week and I painted my nails green!

The beautiful cake I bought.

Look at all that green lovelyness!

I took a picture with a Killians apparently.

The boo and I, and of course, a bathroom selfie! 


My 21st birthday is coming up next month! April 29th! I really want to do some kind of giveaway, so if anyone is interested, please shoot me an e-mail and we can figure out what we want to do!


  1. the cake looks so good. send me a piece :p never had green beer. not a beer person

  2. Woah, seriously?! In Ohio you can drink underage with a legal guardian - so cool!!! CT is nothing like that haha! I am a HUGE Angry Orchard fan! My new favorite is their Cinnful apple that like an apple cinnamon cider - have you tried it?

  3. Looks like so much fun! I really need to have green beer next year. For some reason, I never end up going out to celebrate.
    PS - I'm down for the giveaway, if you still need people. Just shoot me a message/email/whatever! HCXO