Wednesday, March 12, 2014

confess sess.

Hey there kids! Linking up with Kathy from Vodka and Soda for her humpday confessions!

Let's get this started...


that I've been pretty much obsessing over college a cappella groups for like.. the past couple of days. a couple girls in choir and me have been talking about starting one so FINGERS crossed that it'll be as kick-ass as the amazing groups out there.

i'm pretty much flipping out over whether or not I'm getting this job or not. I'm supposed to find out today, but I mean I haven't gotten a call yet... SO. IDK. Please Vera Gods, look down on me and grant me a position in your store.

that winter storm vulcan, despite it's awesome name is the lamest it could be in akron. like please, if it's gonna be snowing in march at least make it bad enough for me to have a snow day. if not, just forget about it and go home. live long and prosper, y'all. 

i really need to make a button for my little nail polish blog, but of course my laziness trumps all and i have not done so yet. or i mean, if someone wants to be really nice and design me something really cute, please do. thanks.

okay, so freaking out til i get a call or not. bye bye.


  1. This weather needs to get its shit together!

  2. i hope you get that job and they call soon! the waiting is the worst :(

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I LOVE A capella! and the name Vulcan does entertain me...they want to make sure he sounds menacing. I hope you get the right job soon!

  4. we have cold weather coming tonite and its getting on my nerves. this weather that is. I swear Mother Nature and Jack Frost are having an on again off again thing. its getting old. suppose to be a high of 50 tomorrow. low tonite is 34. Good luck about the job.

    come join my hop.

  5. Good luck with the job! Waiting is always the hardest part.

  6. Good luck with the job!! I just recently got hired and waiting is always to hardest part :/

  7. I hate that they're naming these winter storms. Seriously, save it for hurricanes, like in the old days. Plus, I hate this winter and if spring doesn't come soon, I'm hibernating. Visiting from Kathy's blog.

  8. A nail polish blog?! Awesome! I'm going to have to check that out too :)