Friday, March 14, 2014

Frankly Chat!

This following post is sponsored by HCBN and Frankly Chat, but all opinions are my own, of course! 

If you've been looking for a fun app to hang out with your friends on, look no further and check out Frankly Chat! If that already sounds good and you need no further explanation, go ahead and click here to download! Frankly Chat is available for FREE for android and iOS! 

If you get bored of normal texting, this will help relieve you of your boredom! Some of the really cool features you can do in Frankly Chat are...

Changing Colors

How cool is that?! I get bored with the plain green and blue backgrounds on my iPhone!

You can also change the text size! 

If you're like me, I love making statements, so make the text super big or super tiny is a really neat feature!

You can also un send unread messages!

So this is handy if you're like me and constantly send stuff to the wrong person! What a relief, right?!

It also act's kind of like another popular app out there, where after you open a message, it disappears! 

The messages come up pixelated til you open them! 

You can also have group chats with people! 

You also have to option to make the group chats anonymous if you guys want to have a gossip session! 

You can also just chat and send pics to your best friend!

The app also lets you know if they other person screenshots you! 

This is a pretty cool app, that is really fun to play around with! Grab a friend and check out the new way of texting!