Monday, March 3, 2014

That time someone thought I had a bald spot.. + Manicure Madness Linkup!

Okay so, when I was a child, I was pretty adorable. 

I'm the short kid in the little pink dress in the front row.. see? CUTE.

Well, I had a crush on this boy.. I think his name was Matt, Mark or something. I dunno. But anyways, we were doing this little project in class where we had to pick a picture and write a story about it. Well, we would rotate around activities but I had free time to look at the pictures. I found one with a cat on it and obviously wanted that one. So, instead of being normal and sticking it in my cubby or in my pocket, I did what any rational first grader did. I stuck it in my headband.

Later on that day, I forgot about said picture in my headband and I went to talk to my crush, M-something. Instead of you know, asking me to be his girlfriend, he said

"Why are you bald right there?"

UHM WHAT? Then I realized that the other side of the photo was a picture of a lightning bolt during a storm, and compared to my dark hair. Yes, it did look like a bald spot. Honestly, thats probably why I never talked to boys I had crushes on after that incident.

Well, Mark/Matt/Whoever and I never were a thing. Which I mean, I had no business wanting to date anyone at five or six years old. I was also a hot mess back then, and it still hasn't gone away.. Oh well, NAIL TIME!


Kat Katastrophe's Manicure Madness


- Post a picture of your pretty painted nails!

- Tell us the color name and brand!

- Grab a button and link up! 

I'm wearing Revlon 761 Scandalous! 

Also, right after taking this picture, I totally messed up these nails so badly I wanted to cry.


  1. Ah, childhood! Boys were (and of course, are still!) so classy.

  2. Pretty nail polish!! I'll remember to link up next week!