Sunday, March 9, 2014

10 things you maybe don't know about me.

Ten things some of y'all might know about me.

1: I used to be a really big band geek, like I though band was the BEST and nothing would ever be able to top it. No clue why I was so obsessed since I SUCKED at any instrument I tried to play. So yeah, I eventually discovered that Band was okay at best, and life out side of high school is way better.

2: Jake is actually my first legit boyfriend. Sure, I had plenty of boys I talked to, but he is the first one I ever actually dated!

3: I have a whole heck of a lot of patience. Working at an amusement park, Starbucks, and with kids all day long will do that to you!

4: Sometimes I feel like having kittens is like have toddlers. They cry for food and attention, make messes, and put things in their mouths they shouldn't. 

5: I'm actually really into sci-fi. I think it's such a fun genre to watch! Plus the old ones with their special effects are so hilarious!

6: There are apparently a lot of movies (according to my roommates) that I haven't seen and they don't understand how I haven't.

7: I can't wash dishes with out almost throwing up. It's weird. 

8: I like reading crime reports and arrests in my town to see who I went to HS with that got arrested. Yeah, I'm a freak. Sometimes, my mom even checks if any of her past students got arrested.

9: I think I'm a shopping addict. I can't go into Target with out buying something little, I literally could just be a loofah or a chap stick but it wont be a complete trip if I don't get anything.

10: I worry people hate me if they don't text me back right away. I told you, I'm a freak. 


  1. I'm bout with ya on the texting deal. I can't stand that not telling back asap esp when i know several of them have their phone right by them. it's ridiculous. If you want a blog friend who txts back asap. then i'm your gal. ;) and i type fast too. :p or use to before i got a smart phone. weird on the dish washing part though.

    Just letting you know I'm following you on GFC. Would love a follow back. Have a great week.

  2. target is the devil! when you don't get something, they then taunt you with their $1 selection RIGHT BY THE DOOR as you're leaving. WTF, target?!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. You are not a freak, Kat :-)
    You are HUMAN!!!!! :-)