Monday, March 3, 2014

This week has been rough.

I've literally had probably one of the worst weeks of my life. The worst week ever is probably going to go to when I had mono, my grandpa died and my econ teacher decided those weren't excuses and decided to fail me. But this one comes very, very close.

Big shout out to Jake, Rach and Chris for being there for me whenever I need it though! I know I'm a hot mess, and you guys look past that!

So, weekly wrap up time of course... and a random cat pic.

Thats my cat Griffin, when he was about.. 3 months old? 

Monday: I was like, lazy beyond belief. I managed to go to my classes, but I had to skip some to finish a paper in time, so yeah. Not cool. 

Tuesday: I went to... ALL of my classes! Go, me right? I also went to work which was alright. My manager told me that I did a fantastic job in sales and I'm ranked number 3 in my department. Sweet.

Wednesday: SUCKED. Only highlight was my mom took me to PF Changs and bought me a dress. 

Thursday: I literally moped in bed all day long. Didn't bother to get out of bed til my dad tried to cheer me up and let me go shopping with his card. I also discovered that I'm really boring when I shop now. All I bought as a cool thing for my self was NAIL POLISH, but it was OPI so heyyyyy. (Which, hey girl hey, remember to link up with me tomorrow! SHOW ME THOSE BEAUTIFUL NAILS!). I ended up getting groceries, gas, pre-workout... nothing fun.

Friday: Kept moping in bed. No desire to get out of bed. I also dropped my ethics class, which I'm actually bummed about but its better than me failing... which I was on track to do.

Saturday: WORK. BORING. My dad also made me go shopping for him so I had to pick out some "dad" jeans at Target. 

Sunday: I just worked. Nothing special whatsoever.

As you see, I'm a hot mess, need to get my ass motivated and going to class. I need to stop being so sad and get happy which will be a rough transition, but I'll get there I think. 

The Rachael Way


  1. I know how that. Not wanting to get out of bed that is.

    Would love for you to come join and send your friends.

  2. You aren't a hot mess okay? You're going through a tough time and it's okay to feel down! I'm always here for you and i love you so very much!!!

  3. I hope that it gets better for you. A nail link up sounds like a lot of fun!!

  4. Griffin is so cute!! I hope THIS week is MUCH better for you! I think even shopping for other people is fun, especially at target! Oh Target! haha.

  5. Big hugs! It'll get better. :)