Wednesday, May 21, 2014

that confession post.

I love posting my weekly not-so-scandalous confessions! Linking up with Kathy from Vodka and Soda for her humpday confessions! 

Weekly Confessions as told by She's the Man Gifs.

Can I be medically lazy? Since I hurt my tendon, I've literally been in bed all day. I managed to go with my dad to get my prescription and grocery shopping. Jake even took me to lunch one day, but I mostly bitched and wanted to go home and lay down and play the sims. I actually have to work tonight and I'm kinda sorta really nervous about that because uh hello, last time I was there I was crying because of the pain I was in. My life. Literally haven't been outside since probably Sunday. 

I've been getting pretty excited for just about any contact with the outside world. Hell, I wasn't even mad about a prank phone call the other day.. but in other words.. WHO THE HELL STILL PRANK CALLS PEOPLE? They pretended to be a person who's car I hit which I was like uh, my ass doesn't even have a car. How would this work? Try harder next time!

There are a LOT of trashy bloggers. Like oh my goodness. Leave it to me to find these whacky people. Thankfully nobody I usually read or people that my blog friends read but holy crap. These people literally put everything and anything out there. The crazy thing is, these people will post something outrageous, basically going against all common sense possible, and then someone will call them out on it, and then all their followers will defend them to the death. WHAT?

I'm going on a trip next weekend! I'm so pumped!!! Even though it's only to Indiana, I'm still traveling quite a bit this summer! It'll be great! :)

X-Men comes out tomorrow! So this brings me to a hard question? Do I spend my money on the movies, or do I spend my money going out with some friends? I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons here. Hugh Jackman is basically pulling me in the whole x-men direction, even though he is not my current celebrity crush. But whatever, he may be like 22 years older than me but doesn't matter. Still attractive. (Look at me just talking about trashy bloggers and then I go and get trashy..figures)

So if we don't know this doozy already, I'm TERRIFIED of snakes. This girl I had to unfollow on Insta kept posting pictures of them. UGH. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Last but not least, I cant stand when people that you know in real life change their online persona so much. I like when people keep it real as they do in person like my girl Rachael. I happened upon a girl from high schools blog and the stuff she says is so beyond what actually goes on in homegirls life. It's comical. Maybe it's meant to be written that way, I don't know but please. People will like you for who you are, not whatever you're trying to be on the interwebs.

That's all folks. Did I get out of line? Probs, but oh well!


  1. Why would someone keep posting pictures of snakes? That is bad but I would really freak out if the pictures were of rodents!

  2. Oh the gifs. I love em. LOL Hope you're doing better.

  3. I have a feeling A LOT of bloggers definitely lead everyone to believe that their life is absolutely perfect when really it's a train wreck. I just can't help but eyeroll a bit. And I looooove me some Hugh Jackman. Definitely a silver fox haha.

  4. oh hugh jackman is definitely on My List. like the one on friends where you can bang any celebrity and your boyfriend isn't allowed to say anything? yeah, that list :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. There are DEFINITELY some weirdos out there in blogland! I've started coming across a few lately... must be a full moon coming! haha