Sunday, May 18, 2014

My hospital trip.

I've actually been rather exciting lately! This week, I plan on posting about what I did in Pennsylvania, and my mini trip to Cedar Point! At the end of the month, I'm making a trip to Santa Claus, Indiana to go to Holiday World! Super excited!

Anyways, When theres good stuff in my life, theres always something sucky. This suckiness isn't end of the world but more like annoying pain in the ass suckiness. 

So, I was at work Friday, you know, selling things, being a boss. The usual. I'm just standing there an all of a sudden. I get something that feels like a cramp in my foot. Well, being a dancer for over 10 years, this didn't really shock me. I tried stretching it out with no luck. I still had pain. So I shrugged it off and it didn't bother me too much.

Fast forward to when I went to my second job. I kept trying to stretch it out and what not because well, if it didn't work the first 80 times, why not the 81st time? Eventually, I texted my dad and asked him to bring me my ace bandage to wrap it on up. I did that and it felt better for a little bit. But after awhile I just started limping and couldn't put any weight on it whatsoever. I eventually got to the point where I was crying and wrapping silverware. I'm literally a hot mess. So, I got sent home because I couldn't handle my foot hurting anymore.

The next morning, my dad said he'd bring me some ice and some ibeprofen and check out my foot. Boyfriend already looked at it, and wasn't totally sure what was going on because I pretty much had no swelling. My dad comes over and is worried I have a stress fracture so he basically made me go to the Emergency Room. 

See, I was just planning on calling my doctor but eh, I guess I had to do what he said. I get Jake to take me over to the hospital. Mind you, I can hardly walk so I'm hobbling around the ER waiting room like a crazy person while Jake tells the nurse what is up with little miss crazy. ER nurse makes me sit down, so I do. Apparently, I was pretty high priority because I got called before most of the people that were waiting. I even got wheeled back in a wheel chair. 

Then Doogie Howser is pretty much my attending. Homegirl looked no older than I was! She poked my foot for a bit and figured out that no, I do not have a stress fracture. I have tendinitis. So, she gave me a shot of some numbing stuff in my tendon, which hurt really bad, gave me a script and sent me on my way.

Obvs had to take a hospital selfie, cuz if I didn't.. did it really happen?

Now, I'm just chilling and resting. I can't really walk on my foot still, but it feels better. I have a meeting at work tonight so hopefully that involves more sitting than standing.

Hope everything is well for y'all!


  1. At least you got it taken care of. and wow a dr no older than you. dang..... hope you get to feeling better soon

  2. Feel better soon! I bet it was weird being treated by someone no older than you!

  3. Oh girl... I hope you feel better!! That's a crazy story! lol

  4. Oh no, bless your heart. Hope it starts feeling better very soon