Tuesday, May 13, 2014

confesh sesh

Managed to find some wifi y'all, so here is me, writing at 2AM, linking up with Kathy from Vodka and Soda My life right?

Ah alright, so first things first.

Kat's Confesh Sesh as told by Arrested Development GIFS.

I'M GOING TO CALIFORNIA THIS SUMMER! I'm so freaking excited about it! I haven't been since 2011! I'm bringing the boo so now I have an excuse to do touristy things I haven't gotten to do in forever! (Note: My family lives out in CA, so I've been visiting my whole life! It's kind of my second home!) So, it brings me to this. Last time I was in LA, I was a baby (by baby I mean 18..) so I need a list of good bars and nightlife to go to! I'm pathetic but hey, it would be fun amirite? 

I'm staying at my friends house with my boyfriend this week (Cerise if you're reading this.. yes, your house). We're dog sitting, so it should be interesting seeing as how I'm pretty terrified of dogs! Lets forget the fact I've known this dog since I was a little girl. Me+Dogs= diaster. Thankfully Boo will be there to take care of it.


I looked at my grades and this is by far the worst semester of my life. Yeah, I feel awful about my self but I honestly had so much stuff going on outside of school this semester that led to me just having zero motivation so I have to buckle down next semester and kick some ass.

In other news, I did a DARS for the major I'm switching to and... I'll be able to graduate in about a year and half.. two years tops! Thank God! Not sure why I never wanted to go to Art School in the first place but this is a GOOD idea on my part. Bye bye Nursing school! Hello being poor (But actually enjoying life!)

I got another job last week! Yours truly is now bartending! How exciting right?! Ready to make some money for my upcoming trip to Indiana at the end of the month.. yay!

I'm also really not feeling this whole pants thing this week..except I have to wear jeans because every single pair of yoga pants I own have gone MIA. WHYYYYYYYYYY.

I also feel like all I've done this week is shove my face with food. Oh well, I love food but ughhhh my thighs are not loving it at the moment. 

So turning 21 has literally made me just want to go out and party a lot. I think I'm just excited to get carded. I literally bought a bottle of 3 dollar vodka that you should probs only ever use to make crappy jello shots just to buy vodka on my 21st. Now I gotta make something with that...

Anyways, It's totally bed time for me! Love y'all! I'm about to pass out!


  1. in my opinion, doing something you love (art vs nursing) is more rewarding :) makes it easier to get up and focus each and every day!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. aww i dont even remember 21. haha. i went to LA a couple years ago but didnt go out, so no help there. but congrats on the job and being 21! :)

  3. Hey Kat!! Congrats on the Cali Trip!! I def. have to go one day! And me + dogs = disaster too! I love little one's but once it comes to the taking care of them part, i'm completely clueless. Plus big dogs scare the effin day lights out of me lol! Great post girly!! Hagd! xoxo


  4. Jealous its jeans or yoga pants for you! I'm stuck in work skirts and pants. Boo!

  5. Love love all the gifs- good old Arrested Development. Also- WOO HOO for a Cali trip!! We went a few years ago for my birthday and I want to go back so bad!

  6. Aww you're terrified of pooches? But they're soooo cayute! Congrats on the job!

  7. I recommend using it in a sangria - the wine and fruit will kill any bad taste. I'm moving to Cali later this year! Have fun on your trip. :)

  8. Oh Lord my roommate in college turned 21 like 1.5 months after I did & we went out all the time. Of course that was after swearing up & down before we turned 21 that we wouldn't because "why would we spend all that money when we can drink at home..."

  9. I went out WAY TOO MUCH when I was 21... now I never want to! hahaha