Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rebecca's 10 Ways To End A Date

Hey guys! Today I'm going out of town to visit relatives... in the mean time you get to hear, I mean read great words of advice from the lovely Rebecca from! Her and her hubby are so adorable!!! :) Enjoy! 

Rebecca’s 10 Ways To End A Date

Hello, Kat’s friends, fans, and stalkers.  My name is Rebecca and I’m taking over today while Kat is out of town, hopefully somewhere warm and fabulous.  I blog over at where I usually talk about how adorable my husband is (can you tell that I’m newly married?!) I also like to brag about our three furry children.

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to get out of a horrible date.  You see, us ladies have gabbed too much about that whole plan of getting a friend to call you with some emergency and now the men are on to us.  Before I met Hubby, I had some pretty spectacularly awful dates, and I learned a few techniques to end them in record time.  Sometimes you’d rather get home to episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on your DVR than be with an awkward date. No shame in that. I call my tricks, Rebecca’s 10 Ways To End A Date.

1.  Pull a notebook full of baby names out of your purse and ask him to choose his top three.

2.  Show him a picture of your ex-boyfriend and say, “this is what he looked like before he accidentally ran into my knife.”

3. Ask him if he wants to feel how smooth your legs are since this is the first time you’ve shaved them all year.

4.  Proceed to tell him all 10 of your cats’ names and then make him recite them back to you.  

5.  First thing, hand him a stack of waivers for him to sign to allow you to write a tell-all book if the two of you ever break up.

6.  Give him a calendar with the days your menstrual cycles starts and the days they end circled every month for the next year.

7. Go to Pintrest on your phone and show him your wedding board.  Asks if he likes the tux you’ve picked out for him.

8. Ask him for his family medical history and tell him it’s to make sure he’s a viable candidate for reproducing

9. Asks him if he has a brother and whether or not his brother is cuter than he is because you like to keep your options open.

10.  Tell him that you need to run his credit before the date begins dating you is expensive.

I hope these tips help you the next time you are on a date that you want to end immediately.  Stop by my site to say hello.  I’d love to talk to you and hear other ideas you have for getting out of bad dates. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.