Friday, December 12, 2014

five on friday

What? Another update?! 

Yeah, so, today uh I guess Five on Friday since I havent done this for months.


I just bought the Naked on the Run Palette. Good bye fifty four dollars, hello more makeup. 


Pretty sure I bombed my Italian final. Oh well I guess. One more class for me to suck ass at this semester. 


I plan on buying some blankets today. Vera is having a sale on them and with my additional discount you better bet your ass I'm feeding my addiction. Yayyyyyy.


I want a day off. Like really badly. I'm starting to consider these days where I work one job a day off. I know that is pathetic so yeah. Blah.


I want to hang out with some girls. I literally haven't been able to hang out with anyone but my boo, my mom or my dad recently which I mean I don't mind and I have fun but like.. Come on. I need someone to shop with who wont judge me spending ridiculous amounts of money on cosmetics. (aka Rachael come back from China cuz yeah.)

k bye. 

1 comment:

  1. I miss you!!! And yay you're back to blogging it makes me oh so happy!!!