Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I've been boring... Sorry.

Yeah so, I've been super boring lately. I've mainly been working all the hours in the world with like, one day off a week. Ugh, all I want is some sleep but I love my jobs too much to ask for less hours!

I guess the highlight of the past week is that, I made over 100 dollars in tips Friday night. Awesome, right? If that could happen tonight, I will be a very happy girl! I also finally bought one of those ribbon board things. Now I just need to get Jake to hang it up for me and I'm solid. It's also Vera, of course so I'm super excited for how cute its gonna look in my room. 

I went to a Baseball game last Thursday. Our home team got brutally killed, the other team legit scored 9 home runs in one inning.. This is Minor League, what the heck is going on?! It was also Doll hair beer night, but since I didn't particularly want to drink Yeungling or Bud Light, I opted out and just stuffed my face with food instead.

Well, here's to hoping I have a more exciting week this week! It really hasn't been so far so yeah, fingers crossed!

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