Wednesday, July 9, 2014

That time I won a goldfish!

Y'all should be super proud of me. A little over a month ago, Jake and I went to a carnival. We got there kinda late, so we didn't risk our lives on the rides (the ride operator in me still says these are a bad idea!). We basically just played games and took pictures. Which was a fun way to end the night!

So after playing a game and miserably losing, we walked around and found another game! It was one of those throw a ball in a certain color fishbowl and you won a stuffed animal. Clearly, Jake is really good a beer pong, so he was very good at this game. He ended up winning me two stuffed animals. However, Jake also got a ball in a different bowl, which ended up winning us a good ole carny goldfish. The games guy would not budge and basically made us take this fish. I felt bad, so we went over to target to find a tank to put it in. Target apparently is not fish central, so I found a vase til we could find something better.

Well, long story short. Jake and I have kept this fish alive for over a month! I'm shocked because I'm poor and cant afford proper housing for it since you aren't really supposed to keep fish in fish bowls. But, it's been working and I guess it will work til someone wants to give me a tank.. So meet Benedict Cumberfish my goldfish!

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