Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School.

Welp, today was my first day of school. I only have one class on Mondays soooo, yeah. I had Accounting Principles I, which was boring as hell. The professor has a thick accent and you cant hear very well in the room so I'm kinda sorta worried. No biggie. 

I also just checked out my online Micro Econ class (Can y'all tell that I changed my major?!) and it seems okay. I'm worried about the math assessment but I'm sure I'll do fine. I'm not thaaaaaaat math challenged. 

I guess I just cannot believe summer is over and I'm already back it this place. I literally did nothing but work all summer and I'm kind of upset about that. Like really upset. I wanted to travel more places. I'm beyond happy I got to go to the places I did (Pennsylvania, Indiana, Canada and California) but I would have liked to go visit some more people and did more things besides being bored and going up to Cedar Point. 

Eh, oh well. Can't win them all. 

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  1. What did you change your major to? I know you're stressed, but I promise all this hard work will be worth it!! promise!