Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why band camp SUCKS.

Obviously, I was a band kid and in marching band through out High School. Now, whenever I tell somebody new about this they kind of giggle and ask me about band camp.

I'm going to be honest with y'al. Band Camp SUCKS.

Maybe I was just deprived at Band Camp, and other people had really great ones but no. mine sucked. 

Now get prepared to laugh, because you get to see the ridiculousness that is me, and that is band camp. With my commentary.

This is me suffering at Woodwind sectionals. I might have a smile on my face, but whatever is going on with my hair can tell you otherwise.

So thing number one that sucked about band camp... It was freaking humid and hot and made my hair look like crap. 

This is the rookie trash line. 

Number two: Being a rookie. It was so stupid and has hazing all over it. Basically you got matched up with a senior and they would make you dress in stupid costumes, do stupid dance routines, do air raids, this stupid trash line, clean up other peoples stuff... DUMB.


Number three: This food? Is this food? No.. It's not. The food sucked beyond belief and they confiscated my George Foreman so yeah, almost 7 years later and I'm STILL salty about it. 

This. My tan lines. That pool. 

Number four: The pool was really gross. It was like green, and they expected us to go swimming in it.. Yeah, no. There were always frogs by it that you know, jumped at me so that sucked. 

This was me my rookie year. Dressed as a skanky santa I guess. But the rooms were awful!

Number five: The poor excuse for a summer camp we stayed at. It was ugly, crawling with bugs I had never seen before, I did not trust the showers, The rooms were musty... all together.. NOT OKAY.

Maybe I'm just pampered but I'm just not cut out for a week in the middle of nowhere playing the flute or spinning a flag..

I figured I'd throw in some Guard and Band Uniform pics in this business! 

Well yeah, I hate band camp, okay bye! :) 

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  1. sounds dead awful. Looks like they could've cleaned things up before hand. Esp the pool if they wanted you all to swim in it. You dont swim in a green pool that's nasty and all. Gross. Glad I wasn't a band geek