Monday, April 7, 2014

I MET VERA BRADLEY'S DAUGHTER (aka the weekly wrap up!)

The biggest shocker of this week is that.. I actually did some cool things!!!!

Also.. I got 145 minutes for the 1800 minute challenge today! 

Monday night I went to my friends birthday get together! We had so much fun! :)

I also finally got a Weekender! The print is called Citron, and I'm kinda sorta obsessed with it!

Tuesday through Thursday were not as exciting as all I did was work... But I love my new job so that was more than okay! I did get to go to Applebees on Wednesday and got a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and some yummy barbeque chicken tenders! 

Friday night, I went to my schools dance company dance concert with my friend Jackie! It was pretty good, even though we did have to leave early. After the concert, we went to Bricco, which is an italian restaurant in the Akron area. The food was delicious and their drinks are so pretty! They have a pretty international range and their martinis look delicious! Can't wait til I'm 21 so I can indulge! 

On Saturday, I went to work for the majority of the day, and then Rachael from The Rachael Way came over for a sleepover! We first made dinner which was honestly a pretty random assortment consisting of Tacos, Kung Pao Chicken and Buffalo Chicken rice! It was delicious though! Then my boyfriend came up with the idea of us going to see the new Captain America movie! To use Rachaels word.. it was bucky. In more than one way.... since there was a character named Bucky! Chris Evans (Captain America, himself) was always super good looking! So it wasn't a complete let down. My comic book nerd boyfriend (and lets get real, I'm pretty nerdy myself) both didn't really think it lived up to the hype.

Unrelated picture of Zeus and his stuffed unicorn.

Sunday was a very exciting day for Rachael and I... As you know, I work for Vera, and on Sunday we had a special event in the store... One of Vera Bradley's daughters, Joan, came to visit! Obviously, Rachael and I HAD to go meet her! We got introduced to her by my lovely manager, and she was such a sweet person! She really made me feel like I knew her for years! She even signed our bags and took pictures with us!

Later on in the day, we had lunch at First Watch.. where we basically got the exact same meal! We also went to the "classy" grocery store where we got these delicious Macarons!

The yellow one is lemon and the blue one is pineapple coconut! 

That about sums up my week for me! Yay! It was actually exciting for once! More will be coming at you next week! :)

The Rachael Way


  1. Gaaaahh I love that you met Vera Bradley's daughter!! I also love that Weekender you got! I am IN LOVE with mine! What a fun week for you!

  2. This weekend was so great. And I cracked up at the unrelated picture!

  3. so awesome that you met VB's daughter and you got to hang with rachael!!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I'm glad that you and Rachael had a lot of fun together! That is pretty neat about meeting someone who is a little famous. :)

  5. What a fun weekend!!! Rachael is a sweetheart too :) I hope we can all get together sometime!

  6. Looks like a fun weekend..and those macaroons...oh my gosh
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages