Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last week.

Howdy! I should have some pretty good posts coming at you soon! But first, I'll do last weeks wrap up!

Last week was mainly, work! 

Monday: On Monday, I had dance rehearsal! We finished it and it is just amazing! Can't wait to perform this weekend! I also went grocery shopping with mi madre, and then you know, casually made a pot roast. No biggie.

Tuesday: I worked, of course! You know you love your job when you want to go to work! I'm so happy when I'm there!

Wednesday: Errr, What did I do exactly? I think I was kind of sick if I recall. 

Thursday: We had a huge sale at work, so I had lots of fun helping out guests purchase and find what they needed! We also go free pizza, so naturally, I was pumped!

Friday: If you follow me in real life, You'll know that I officially became the owner of an absolutely gorgeous Geranium Vera Vera Tote! I'm in love with it! Of course, She was purchased on Friday, I didn't actually get her until today since she came all the way from Philly! Lets give a huge THANK YOU SO MUCH to Chris! :) I also, worked, of course! :)

Saturday: Another workday, However, I also got to go see a ballet! A local dance company did a variation of Snow White! It was amazing! One of the lead dancers actually went to the same dance school I went to when I was younger! I've actually gotten to dance in a show with her before so it was a treat getting to see her dance 10 years later! I also got a new wallet to match my new tote.. I'm obviously obsessed!

Sunday: Sunday was Easter. It was a strange Easter.. My family really didn't have anything planned, so my mom came over to my house and made my boyfriend and I some Easter Dinner. It was very delicious! After dinner, my mom and I colored some Easter eggs for her to take home to my dad. 

Thats about it! 

The Rachael Way

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  1. It sounds like you had another good week. I love how enthusiastic you are about your job! :)