Thursday, December 5, 2013

So, I wore a tutu.

Oh, hi there!

I had my second final today! It was in my ballet class! We all wore tutus and skirts and it was totally cute! We obviously took a bunch of pictures, because what else were we about to do after the final was over? 

Tutus!!!!!! I honestly was so excited to wear one! My teacher and the adjudicator thought it was so cute and so funny we all insisted on putting them on! I actually borrowed that one from one of the girls in my class since my tutu is somewhere hiding in my parents house (and is probably going on 8 years old...) 

My lovely barre partners, Taylor and Khrissy!  We pretty much spent all semester at the same barre. It felt weird whenever they made us move them around to split the class! I don't think this class would have been as much fun with out them! I'm so glad I'm making friends that I'll be taking my future dance classes with! 

My not-so-perfect arabesque, but whatevs, it's all about the TUTU!!!!! I can't wait til next semester so I can improve this right here. I can't wait to make this picture my #tbt when I improve on my arabesque. But AHHH, I love this tutu color! I think I'm going to follow this tutorial and try to make my own ( Don't worry, I'll post it on here when I'm done!)

Khrissy totally had the best tutu! It was so fluffy and pretty! We all ended up taking pictures of us wearing it! MMM look at that pointed foot! lol

Different angles, yeahhhhh.

I'm just so happy I joined dance again. I'm thrilled for my classes next semester! I really hope to start auditioning for productions we have soon! 

So anyways, tonight I get to go see the Mythbusters! Yes, the ones on TV! They're doing a live tour and stopping at my school! It's going to be so awesome. The boy and I are hoping there is some kind of meet and greet after because it would be awesome to meet these guys. I'm sure it'll all I'll talk about when I post tomorrow!


  1. I LOVEEEEE the tutus! You are so stinking cute!

  2. My boyfriend loves Mythbusters! You'll have to share what you learn! And love the tutu :)

    1. Oh thank you! I've been lazy this weekend and will probably share everything about it tomorrow after my last finals! :)