Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I obviously really like food.


So, I feel like Tuesdays are just equally as bad as Mondays. They're always super boring, and the only good thing about them are 70 cent wings at Buffalo Wild Wings (Which, I can't even get since I'm so broke!!!!). I guess I don't have a whole lot to complain about today though. My dad gave me money for Subway, I got a 91 on my psych paper, and I don't work tonight (even though, I totally want to. #workaholicproblems). It's just so BORING.

I'm basically drooling right now.. SO HUNGRY.

So anyways, a quick update from yesterday. My meeting with the choir director went so well! He had me sing (which, I thought was rough because I've been sick for the last couple of weeks), and said I had a lovely voice and I would love to have me in his group. Awwww yeah. Kat is back.

So, next week is finals week, except.... I only have to show up to take one final on campus! Thank goodness! I have the rest of mine this week, and two of those are actually finals for my dance classes, so those will be a piece of cake. I'm kinda worried about my stats final, not gonna lie, but I think I can do it. Psych will be easy too, hopefully!

So this Tuesday, I will show you all of my favorite foods. I'm really hungry right now, so enjoy looking at yummy foods!!!

French Fries. Do I really need to explain why French Fries are great? No, I dont think I do. It's just common knowledge. They come in so many different kinds! Curly, Regular, Skinny, Steak, Waffle, Wedges... MMMMMMMMM. 

Cheese Ravioli. It's so good! I made my own once and it was to die for! Making your own pasta is super fun, and highly reccomend it to anyone out there who cooks! You can totally tell the difference between a fresh pasta, and store bought. You can also make raviolis into cute shapes like hearts and that's pretty cool.

Pizza is also amazing. My mom makes excellent homemade pizza, and I just started making my own dough to do my own as well. Of course, nothing wrong with delivery, but when you live in Ohio, you aren't going to get that family owned pizzeria taste like you would from a different place. Make your own pizza some day! It's so easy you'll wonder why you haven't been doing it for years!

Tacos. You can't go wrong with tacos. I love them from pretty much everywhere. Whenever I go out west, I go to Jack-In-The-Box and pretty much devour the ones the sell there. I'm so obsessed! I also make my own Tacos. I slow cook the beef with a great blend of seasoning, then I use corn tortillas and I actually fry tacos. Not super healthy, but who's really complaining?

BUFFALO CHICKEN TENDERS! These are so delicious. I actually haven't really made my own yet, but I'll find a good recipe some day. I always order these at places. You just can't mess up chicken tenders so it's always a safe bet!

Chicken Stew. Basically the most perfect cold-weather food to make. I also make my own which I have to say is pretty amazing. The cool thing about stew is you can put what you like in it. I use chicken, corn, carrots, peas, rice, and potatoes, which cook in a tomato and chicken broth with a variety of spices. 

Fajitas! While, I only eat the chicken, these are so fun to make! I've made them in a skillet, and I was also lazy one day and just made them in a crock pot, which turned out really well! MMMMMM.

Chicken Parmesan and Pasta. AHHH, I just want it now! I always experiment with this. You can pan fry the chicken and then melt the cheese on top, or you can just bake it. I also like eating it with herb pasta. I do have a confession to make and that is, I don't actually like Olive Gardens chicken parm. It's just not. Homemade or Bravo's is the way to go!

ORANGE CHICKEN. Orange chicken is just delicious. I pretty much love it everywhere I go. Especially Panda Express and PF Changs. I've never tried to make it before, and I think I'm going to try someday. It's too good for me not to know how to make it!

Well, thats about it for my food obsession. I hope someone out there likes something I posted (and should totally bring me some! I'm starving over here!)