Monday, November 25, 2013

Man Candy Monday

Happy Monday, errybody!
lol jk, I know everyone hates Mondays.

So, I hate Monday a whole whole lot, but the one thing I do not hate about Mondays is...

Man Candy Monday


So, instead of posting my Man Candy Monday first,
I'm just gonna go on Twitter and see who everyone elses is.

First up is...

Bradley Cooper! Tweeted by @lifeasababe

Ed Westwick, AKA Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl!
Tweeted by @madi_johnson21

Josh Hutcherson, or as most people just call him Peeta, on Twitter.
Tweeted by @fullbackprobs_


Well.. It'd be silly to start my #MCM posts with someone else so here we go...


aka MINE.

Well anyways, I hope this helped perk your Monday up a lil bit.

So tell me, who is your Man Candy Monday?

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