Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone had an awesome dinner and a great time!

So, I feel like it's necessary to do a things I'm thankful for post.

 My family, friends and the boyfriend! They mean the world to me,
and they help me get through every single day. Thank you for everything!
Me, Kyle, Megan, then Jake (the boyf)

Food. I just love food. So much. All of it. AHHHH.

mmmm. chicken nuggets.

Cats. Cats are great. Everyone should have a cat. 
not even enough cats.

Blankets. Oh I loveeee blankets. 

A damn good cosmo


Chris Pine. Do I need an explanation?
okay, maybe i have wee bit of an obsession with this man.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday, and if you go out for Black Friday. Please, remember to be kind to all the people working out there giving you the sales that you're looking for. 

<3 Kat

Ps: My first Birchbox Review should come sometime tomorrow! It was awesome!


  1. Yay- Birchbox!
    I'm so thankful that I have you in my life! xoxoxox