Friday, January 2, 2015

Wet n' Wild Art in the Streets Palette Swatches

I said I'd do some swatches so.. Here we go :D

I picked up this little baby palette last time I went shopping because I thought the colors were fun and bright and I'm forever wanting Urban Decay's Electric Palette.. But I'm broke so yeah. But any who, these are fun little colors and I think I could play with them a little more once I got the chance.

Here its is all new and in the package.

I think the colors in this are so much fun. This would be perfect for someone who wants to play with adding color, but wants to do it on the cheap. I only paid about 3 dollars for this!

The pigment on these aren't too bad. These are all just one swipe. I would recommend either using a white eyeshadow "crayon" such as NYX Milk, or this random Rimmel one I used for this. It'll help the colors pop. I haven't tried it over my  UD Primer Potion but I'm sure something like that would work well too.  

These are the swatches with flash! 

Overall, for the price of this palette, why not try it? You can atleast add a pop of color to your everyday routine and try something new. I think these are kinda light without any kind of primer so I probably wouldn't wear them on their own. It's a cute little palette and I'm happy I threw it in my collection! 

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